Travelling from the UK to Spain

If you regularly travel between the UK and Spain you probably want to get the best possible deals on your flights. This can mean scouting around online for the best deals or taking advantage of frequent flyer miles. Usually, the former, rather than the latter is the best way to save cash in the long term. There are five incredibly popular low cost airlines which fly to Spain from the UK; these are easyJet, Ryanair, Vueling, Jet2 and Norwegian.

The value of the Euro against the Great British Pound is strong at the moment which means saving money on your flights is even more important. With that in mind, here is what we think of the main five low cost airlines which fly from the UK to Spain

The Top Two.

It`s fair to say that easyJet and Ryanair are more or less in direct competition these days. easyJet will earn most people a saving so long as they book in advance and make sure they`re at the terminal on time. Their website regularly advertises late deals to Spain from £29.99.

Ryanair regularly have flight sales and give-aways but you do have to pay for your luggage which is where they start to claw back some losses so it`s always best to travel light with this airline. The prices for flights with Ryanair are generally low but they often fly to small airports and you can end up paying for connections and getting less of a saving in the end.

Taxes and fees can add up too, both with Ryanair and with easyJet. So, it`s worth comparing the final cost of your flights, including luggage charges, additional fees and taxes (and maybe even connections) against other airlines..

Other Big Players.

Norwegian not only offer cheap flights within Spain and to and from the UK but they also have a frequent flyer scheme which is rare with low cost airlines and means you can save even more money. Usually flights to and from the UK are not as cheap as Ryanair or easyJet but certainly within Spain (for example coast to coast flights) you will make savings.

Aer Lingus, like easyJet advertises flights from the UK to Spain from £29.99, but once you’ve added taxes and charges on top it’s often more like £120 for a cheap return.

Sometimes you don’t have time to spend looking at all the different sites and finding a flight that has the right price and the right route for you. If you want to compare cheap flights quickly, you could also use a flight comparisons site such as Skyscanner to compare prices from different airlines and find the flight which best suits your needs. The current economic crisis means fewer people are travelling, so even though the prices are going up, many airlines have to run promotions to increase trade. Taking advantage of these promotions is our final word of advice, Ryanair sales and easyJet offers could save you hundreds of pounds! .