Hearing from your Abogado (Lawyer) that the developer of your “off plan” property is ready to deliver your complete property fills many with apprehension.

The excitement that you are about to take delivery and start to enjoy your long awaited Spanish home is often tempered by a certain caution. But, it needn’t become a saga which sours the joy associated with acquiring your Place in the Sun.

We know from Divorce lawyers that moving house can be extremely stressful. Purchasing a overseas property introduces further levels of confusion and upset borne out of cultural or linguistic barriers that can send your blood pressure soaring.

But it doesn’t have to end in tears’¦’¦’¦

We are delighted to announce the publication of ‘TRG’s Guide to Completing of an Off Plan property in the South of Spain and You and Your Community of Owners’. The E-Guide also includes an extensive review of the relationship between you and your new “Community of Owners”.

Check out our at new E-Guide

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