Valencia – Day 8


So, that’s it. After an amazing time in an amazing city, I have to say goodbye to Valencia. However, they always say that you should leave the best to last so I was delighted to spend time with the founders and owners of Globexs SL on my final day. They are friends of Graham Hunt from Valencia Property and I thank him for the introduction to Lodewijk Cuypers who is a Belgian who has lived in the city for more than 10 years and his partner Tiscar Navarro who was originally from the beautiful city of Elche.

Lodewijk explained that they found a gap in the property market twelve or more years ago and now concentrate on this niche. He explained that they have three core segments to their business which he modestly describes as “a service company for expats moving to Spain and Belgium.”

They offer 3 relocation services to traveling expats:
1) furnished rental apartments: fully equipped short stay rental apartments in Antwerp, Valencia, Barcelona, Madrid and Asturias
2) legal assistance: a Globexs lawyer helps expats with immigration processes and other legal matters related to moving abroad
3) a webshop for expats: a specialised webshop where expats can buy indispensable items for their new home

Tiscar then went through these in some detail as I said I had more than a passing interest having been an expat myself for more than 15 years and having worked in a dozen or more countries in my professional life. This one stop shop sounded a god-send. The apartments are always fully-furnished in safe, quality neighbourhoods. They are always key-ready so the expat only has to bring his personal belongings because the properties are always fully equipped for a short stay visitor. There is no need for the tenant to deal with the electric company or the gas supplier. Globexs deal with all of that. All the apartments have been personally inspected and are suitable for the discerning traveller. In fact one of the challenges they have is finding quality apartments so if you have a property that you would like professionally marketed, please make contact with them! Once settled in, the Globexs lawyer can help the tenant with any one of a thousand local issues. Whether it is getting a fiscal number or residencia, transferring a car onto Spanish plates/paperwork or even setting up a limited liability company, this is all in a day’s work.

The webshop also interested me, as that seemed a very nice attention to detail. Lodewijk explained that this was a relatively new activity. They had listened to their clients and found that many would like some of the home comforts they had been used to in their mother country. I can see that. “Everything that you forgot or that was too heavy to bring”, is the strapline. Expats can now buy new bed linen, pillows, duvets, towels, umbrellas, amenities, etc direct from Globexs. I thought on that and agreed that when I first arrived I would not have known where to have bought many of these. At that time, my Spanish then would not have been good enough to talk about sheet sizes or tog values! He continued that they are very keen to expand this service and, indeed, are bringing in new products and services in the next few days.

So, I was delighted to see that all seemed to be going well for them and I wished them well. The conversation was not finished, however. They were keen to explain their plans for the future as they were determined to expand their offer and were keen for my thoughts. Firstly, they are developing their affiliate offer which has been very successful. Anybody can become an affiliate at NO COST and market the Globexs products to earn a commission. I was delighted to register and now have a link I can add on my websites and in my newsletters etc.

Moving on, Lodewijk was excited about the franchise programme that they are finalising. Over the past 13 years, they have constantly been developing their offer and they believe that they are now ready to offer the Globexs brand as a franchise. They can supply the website, legal and marketing support and their extensive know-how to anybody who would like to start their own rental property business. This looks like an excellent low-cost option for anybody wishing to work in their own local area. Any area of Spain or Belgium is of interest but they are also keen to broaden their horizons and London (and the rest of the UK), the Netherlands and even the USA are of interest to them. I wished them luck and said that I felt sure that many of my friends and contacts would be potential franchisees or affiliates for them. To learn more about the affiliate or franchise programmes please make contact direct with Globexs.

I have to say that I was very impressed. They are dedicated professionals with an eye for detail and the idea of the one-stop shop makes a lot of sense to me.

To see their selection of properties or to offer your properties to them please visit the Globexs website

So, goodbye Globexs, goodbye Tiscar and Lodewijk …… and goodbye Valencia. It’s been a wonderful stay!