Green fingers and cars mix it up

Renault is proud to have created one of the most eco-friendly gardens at the 2012 RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. The inspiration for the Renault garden came from its own electric vehicle range and the new Renault Twizy and Kangoo Van Z.E. were showcased at the famous and historical event. Andy Heiron, Head of Electric Vehicles Renault UK, said: “As keen gardeners will appreciate, you reap what you sow, so it is important we find new ways to look after our future. Renault understands that vehicles now need to emit less, make less noise and use energy more efficiently – that’s why we created our 100% electric Z.E. range. The development of electric vehicles is now a necessity. The Z.E. range offers eco-responsible mobility without compromising performance or comfort. Step into the age of electric and come and see our eco-friendly garden!”

The Renault Twizy is 100% electric and 100% Va Va Voom – no other vehicle on the road offers so many smiles per hour. While the Kangoo Van Z.E, the International Van of the Year, can carry seriously heavy loads without weighing heavily on the environment. And while we wait for the Twizy to arrive in force in Torrevieja, if you fancy getting 100 km for just 25 cents, you can achieve that locally with an EV Bike. One of those who has been importing EV bikes into Spain for the last year is Juan from JZ Auto in Aguas Neuvas, just beside the Lounge Bar. A mechanic by trade, he started to import EV products as purely an add-on but these have become more popular over recent months. When it comes to saving money, instead of €1.50 a litre for petrol, which may take you a dozen kilometres or so, some EV Bikes happily cruise at 25 kph, with a range of 60-100 km on one charge. The cost: 25 cents! Yes; your euro will provide you with more than a week’s transportation for those needing nothing more than travelling to school, to work, downtown, for a little shopping or getting to the beach.

All the bikes are ‘pedal assisted’ and can be ridden by anyone over the age of seven, with a special ‘secret’ regulator installed to limit the bikes to just 15 kph for the under 14s. Prices range from €1,250 to €1,500, with a year’s guarantee and most importantly, because they are a European design, all parts are available to make any repairs required, for the upkeep of the bike. Food for thought; if you are tired of spending outrageous prices at the pumps and fancy a clean air alternative for your commute in 2012. More details from Juan at 966920534 or send
an email

Meanwhile, with parking at a premium in Torrevieja over the summer months and fuel still not ‘cheap’, the advantages of pedal power or ‘assisted pedal power’ must seem like an attractive option for many. While the Twizy may still be a few weeks away from delivery and in Torrevieja and the price of a quirky, two seat car might put many off, it seems that the time to go green may not be as far away as many of us thought.