I remember after arriving on Spanish shores some 18 years ago and initially setting up base camp in Fuengirola we hit the road in our van one day and headed ‘inland’. In reality we actually drove for about 15 minutes up a road which wasn’t the N340. But in the early days everything revolved around the N340 ☺

We discovered Coin. We got the van stuck down a very narrow back street in the pueblo which came to an abrupt end, saw lots of elderly people in black sat outside, orchards of orange trees and to be frank very little else. It wasn’t until some four years later I returned and ended up buying a house here and have fallen in love with the town.

It’s not particularly pretty like Mijas. But it’s a small pueblo where it feels extremely safe and comfortable and offers everything I need. It is actually only 33km west of Malaga and 30km north of Marbella. The road links to the coast are extremely straight forward these days and there are regular bus links.


Coin is an agricultural town whilst marble mining and ceramics played a huge part of its past. The latter is still a noticeable business here and the town even has its own colour style called ‘Green Coin’. The population is around 22,000 and it is perhaps mostly famous as the setting for the BBC’s Eldorado TV series who built a set near the beautiful Barranco Blanco area.


Coin is home to the first inland shopping centre – CC La Trocha – which houses a Dunnes, El Corte Ingles clothes shops, a host of mobile phone shops and a gymnasium and spa. It’s like a ghost town on week days but by night and at weekends it comes alive especially around the cinema and café area and is great for kids to run around in safely.

There are some lovely restaurants and café areas in Coin and excellent sports facilities run by the   An area of road stretching from La Trocha to the town centre is currently being renovated and there are new bike tracks being laid down and foot paths which will be a huge boom for this particular area. Also behind and next door to the sports area, which houses an indoor pool and tennis courts, the council are building Coin it’s very own skatepark. A great asset to the town for the youngsters.

Coin’s town centre is a hive of activity in the evenings, particularly the Alameda Plaza where young and old hang out to sit in the numerous cafes. Meanwhile Coin has to be very special as we have TWO ferias each year – one in May and one in August. The May feria often links up to the infamous Day of the Orange and we get double whammy bank holidays.

Coin has been my home now for near on 15 years and I’m glad I gave this little village a second chance. It’s the base where I run two directories for the Costa del Sol from – and


Karen Southall