At their Annual General Meeting last Wednesday (20th July 2011), the FC TorryFans (Independent Supporters’ club) took the unprecedented step of turning their backs of FC Torrevieja and elected instead to support another local football club who play their football 3 levels below Torrevieja. At the same time, the club members voted to change the name of their supporters’ club as they no longer felt they wanted to have anything to do with FC Torrevieja.

This all came about due to what the supporters’ club members felt was an illegal take over of “their club” last season. This episode has been well documented but it did split the fan base down the middle and resulted in a drastic reduction in the attendance figures at Vicente Garcia Stadium.

At the AGM, the members voted to retain all last seasons’ committee members who are as follows:

President: Eduardo (Eddie) Manuel Cagigao Souto.
Vice-Presidents: Frederick Griggs and Michael Hewison
General Secretary: Alex Dunn
Treasurer: Howard Yeats
Membership: Penny Willits
Social: Roger and Pauline Waller
Website: Nick Edwards

The members also, after a long discussion, voted to change the name of the club to
Internacional (BC) Football Supporters’ Club and also voted to support local town side, Club Deportivo Montesinos, which plays in the 2nd Regional Division where, last season, they finished in 6th place.

At the AGM, the President explained that although the members had asked the committee to try to set up a NEW club based in Torrevieja, this had proved impossible because the local Torrevieja Council had blocked this happening. Eddie Cagigao explained that “we were contacted by a very prominent Spanish TV and Media football expert who is based in the UK. Most of you will know who he is because of his work with companies like Sky sports etc. Guillem Balaguer wanted to start up a new football club here in Spain, and, after many discussions with us, he felt that Torrevieja would have been the ideal place for his new club. Guillem was prepared to fund the venture OVER THE FIRST 5 YEARS and we, as a supporters’ club, were going to join his new club.”

“However, after meetings with representatives from the sports department at Torrevieja Council, Guillem was denied that opportunity. He was told that the Council would be prepared to let him run Torrevieja CF, although he would have to wait until “after the elections in May”. After the elections, it appears the sports councillor had a very quick change of heart and did a complete U-turn on the subject. Guillem was also told that the Council would NOT support any new football club in Torrevieja.”

“So having been snubbed by the Torrevieja Council, this left the supporters’ club with very few options. What was clear was that most of the members did not want to return to the Vicente Garcia Stadium, and finally decided to support a new side – CD Montesinos who have welcomed us with open arms.”

It is still early days in this joint venture, but there are clearly things that, “The Full Monte”, as some of its members are already calling the new supporters’ club, will be able to assist CD Montesinos with and over the next few weeks there will be plenty of meetings between both sets of committees, as well as a forthcoming BBQ at the Los Montesinos ground as both groups get to know each other.

A brand new Forum has already been set up at www.cbfootyfans.com and a new website will follow shortly. For additional information about CD Montesinos and the new supporters’ club, please contact us at: thefullmonte2011@hotmail.com.