Many of us choose to live in Spain for the warm climate and healthier lifestyle. However, as with most things in life, perhaps the reality is a little different. Due to the social nature of life in Spain and reasonable cost of food, drink, & cigarettes compared to the UK – many find they are less healthy than they were previously!

With the addition of the poor exchange rate between the pound and the euro, many have found themselves financially worse off in recent times, so anything that can make them healthier and save money is well received.

Smoking 20 cigarettes per day at 3.50 euros per pack amounts to 106 euros per month and 1274 euros per year. If that’s not a good enough reason to stop, the health benefits of being a non-smoker can be enjoyed almost immediately.

Maybe you would like to lose some weight? Carrying excess weight, especially around your mid-section increases the risk of diabetes and heart disease. It also reduces mobility and puts considerable strain on the joints, back and heart.

A person of healthy weight may consume between 1500 and 2500 calories daily, while being overweight will lead you to consume considerably more. This means higher food bills and often foods eaten have a high fat content and low nutritional value, this reduces energy levels and the overall feeling of wellbeing. By reducing calorie intake, related health risks will be reduced and so will your shopping bills!

If you have thought about stopping either of these habits or have tried and failed in the past, there is now a unique therapy method new to the Costa Blanca with a 90% overall success rate.

Bioresonance therapy, invented in Germany in 1977, is being used successfully in 55 countries worldwide to treat many common ailments. 10 years ago, a doctor in Poland discovered it also had highly beneficial results when used to combat Nicotine addiction.

The Daily Telegraph reported ‘in the past three years 10,000 people in Poland and Ireland have undergone Bioresonance therapy to stop smoking and it has been 85 percent effective after just one session’. This therapy method removes the body’s cravings, which is the most common issue for those trying to stop smoking or lose weight.

Using the latest technology from Germany, Bioresonance therapy designed specifically for smoking cessation and weight loss is now available in the Costa Blanca. It is painless, non-invasive and safe.

Bioresonance therapy has had a lot of positive media coverage over the past few years and has featured in many national newspapers in the UK, and on prime-time television. Richard and Judy interviewed two sceptical journalists who both successfully stopped smoking after just one session. BBC news featured a builder who smoked 40 per day who had already undergone the treatment and had successfully given up through this method.

Our practitioners are fully qualified in the area of health, exercise and fitness and have extensive experience in this field spanning over 20 years. Additional services now available include advice on diet, nutrition and healthy eating, Body Mass Index (BMI) testing as well as weight and body fat measurement, use of our fully equipped gym including cardiovascular machines – cross trainer, treadmill and rowing machine as well as the latest power plate vibration machine. Personal fitness training sessions using our on-site gym also available. Self-defense or martial arts training for all ages and fitness levels either one-to-one or on small group basis by an experienced martial arts & kung fu instructor.

For further information, to see a video about Bioresonance therapy or to book an appointment please visit: Bioresonance Spain