ADANA (Association for the Rights of Abandoned Animals) is an animal charity on the Costa del Sol run by volunteers. Our aims are to promote love and affection for animals, to provide facilities for the shelter and care of abandoned, sick and injured animals whilst seeking new homes for them and to assist the local authorities with such animals.  ADANA never puts down a healthy animal.

We operate an animal shelter, on property owned by the local government and run by just two ADANA employees with the vital help of volunteers.
We also have a second hand shop in Estepona, and a stall at the Sunday market in Sabinillas, both run soley by volunteers.
Regular fund raising events are a lifeline to us, our biggest events being the Annual Dog Show, Christmas Fair in the Palacio de Congressos in Estepona and World Animal Day but throughout the year many diverse events are held for example we have had a Big Band Concert, Bridge Tournaments, A Historical Talk on the Rise and Fall of Al-Andalus and even Marathon Runners! Please see the website: for details.

We always need more volunteers so your help would be greatly appreciated even if you could just help at one event!
ADANA are currently caring for around 200 dogs at their headquarters in Los Pedregales Park, near Estepona, and have see no let up in the steadily increasing stream of unwanted animals left at their door since the economy took a downturn. This new influx of animals is pushing them beyond their capacity and they are desperately looking for funds to enable them to keep caring for the animals, as well as to extend the current shelter (subject to the required permissions).
The cost of running the kennels is a staggering 10,000 euros per month and despite a concerted fund-raising effort they often run short. They are appealing to local residents and businesses to help them continue their excellent work in any of the following ways:
* Become part of their ’100 Club’ by donating 5 euros per month
* Become a ‘Member of ADANA’ with a small donation of just 20 euros per year
* Help at the kennels by walking the dogs keeping the kennels clean
* Donate your time and professional skills in the office, to help with maintenance and building work, fundraising, volunteer co-ordination or anything you feel you could offer
Offer their animals a loving and stable home.

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