When most people think of Gaudí and Barcelona, only La Sagrada Familia (“Sacred Family”) comes to mind … with a bit more effort La Pedrera, Park Güell or Casa Batlló might come to mind. Here for the Gaudí fans amongst you, are all 12 of the genius architect’s surviving works in the Catalan capital!

Gaudí had a highly individual style, with the capacity to imagine his creations without detailed plans and to improvise as he worked. He conceived his buildings in a global form in terms both of their structure and their functional and decorative features. Amongst his vast number of works are the famous Barcelona houses Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, along with the Parque Güell, named after his most important patron.

Antoni Gaudí was the son of a Catalan industrialist, the youngest of five siblings. He suffered from illness as a child which may account for his reserved character. He was a profoundly religious man, and a vegetarian who regularly fasted to the point of putting his life in danger. He graduated as an architect in 1878 and quickly became well-known for his unique style of work. In 1883 Gaudí took over charge of the works on the temple of the Sacred Family and after the death of several close friends and family members in 1915, he devoted all his time to this work until his death.

Gaudí was completed devoted to his work and remained single all his life. He is often portrayed as an anti-social and unfriendly character with brusque manners, but people who knew him well described him as a friendly, courteous person.

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