New finance facilities in Spain

Bridging Loans are by no means new, they have been available for a very long time, however, perhaps for cultural reasons or perhaps due to logistical restraints, bridging loans haven’t been a common financial vehicle in Spain. Until now.

Enter a new website specialising in providing Bridging loans in Spain. Aimed primarily at English speakers (the website is currently only available in English) for the sole reason that bridging loans are a financial vehicle more commonly known amongst English speakers and expats, at you apply to get a bridging loan for Spanish property, Property development or any project that is able to offer a clear exit strategy. If you’re not sure that a bridging loan is right for your purpose, just visit and ask.

Why a Bridging Loan?

Financial facilities like this can be useful for a number of reasons. It’s common for example especially now that the housing markets of the world are returning to growth after a period of stagnation for there to be lots of opportunity in buying, selling and developing property in Spain. That’s exactly where a bridging loan can come in handy.

Bridging loans are available with attractive monthly repayments of 0.8%, a generous loan-to-value up to 60% and terms up to 36 months. Minimum loan amount is €300,000. Visit for more information.

Let’s take a look at a bridging loan example.

Imagine, a person or company is midway through the development and sale of luxury Villas on the Costa Del Sol, half the villas have been sold off plan and the project is progressing according to plan except the funds generated by the sales are only just meeting, or worse, haven’t quite met the finance demands of the construction and marketing costs of the project. Or perhaps the project is going well, but the developer just doesn’t want so much equity tied up in the development. The company or owner would benefit from releasing some equity and having more cash in the hand today. This could be for other projects or perhaps to simply be more liquid and ease cash flow so that business runs smoothly until all the units are sold. A bridging loan will allow the borrower to borrow money against the sale of a number of properties. The sale of the properties would be used to pay back the bridging loan. This allows the borrower to release funds money today instead waiting until all the properties have sold.

For whatever your reason or interest in a Bridging Loan, English speaker, Ex-pat and anyone looking for bridging finance can visit