Torrevieja will be celebrating, once again this December, its patronal fiestas in honour of the ‘Inmaculada Concepción’.

Each evening, during the ‘novena’, the nine days following the main ‘Inmaculada Concepción’ celebration on 8th December, the evening mass has been dedicated to a particular section of the local community. Mostly, each day is dedicated to the residents of a particular area or ‘barrio’ of the town. Following this tradition, on Friday 16th December, 2011 at 7.30 p.m., all ‘non-Spanish’, residents or visitors, have been invited by the priest of the ‘Inmaculada Church’ Don. Manuel Martínez Rocamora, to join in a special celebration. On this particular evening the mass will be dedicated to the ‘foreign’ residents of Torrevieja of whatever nationality. Local ministers from other churches such as the Anglicans, Church of Sweden, Norway, Finland etc., have been involved in some of the advance planning and it is anticipated that we shall all join together to sing at least one Christmas Carol where the music, albeit not the words, is internationally recognised. An integral part of the celebration will, once again, be the offering of non-perishable foodstuffs, (tinned food, packets etc) which will later be distributed to the needy of the town so that, they too, may enjoy the festive season. Previously, the ‘foreigners’ have demonstrated an incredible generosity and there were more gifts received during the ‘foreigners mass’ than on any other evening! Everyone is welcome to come along to the event and several local clubs and associations will, no doubt, be collecting ‘goody bags’ from their members in order to present a ‘joint effort’. Please come along and support this worthwhile effort.


The overwhelming success of the previous “Christmas’s Carols in English” event, the singing of Christmas Carols in the main town square by members of various local choral groups accompanied by the PHOENIX SHOWBAND, has resulted in the fact that this popular event has become a permanent fixture on Torrevieja’s Christmas cultural programme! At 6.00 p.m. on Friday 16th December, just before the ‘International Mass’, the public are invited to come along to the main town square and join in the singing of typical English Christmas Carols. Song sheets will be available and a collection will be made on behalf of local charity. Last year, well over three thousand people gathered in the main town square to enjoy this typical Christmas celebration, so make sure you get there early!

(N.B. The spectacular and typical nativity scene (“Belén”) will be on public display in time for the ‘Carols in the Square’. The “belén” will be open until after the visit by the ‘Three Kings’ on 6th January.)