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Beach at Cala Mesquida by Detlev Artelt

Mallorca – An Overview

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Mallorca – An Overview

Mallorca is all too often summarised in the outside world by the images and youth holidays of Magaluf and Arenal – Mallorca is so much more.

Mallorca is an island just off the coast of Barcelona with a surface area of 3,626 km2 and nearly 900,000 inhabitants. This is actually the largest of the Balearic Islands and indeed the biggest of all the Spanish Islands. As well as the beaches and thriving tourist industry Mallorca also has mountains; cities; an incredible road and motorway system; culture; history; natural parks; a nautical industry including sailing/ water sports/boat shows with some of the most expensive boats in the world moored here. Other lesser known facts are that Mallorca has a superb national health system (even the king of Spain comes to Mallorca for his treatments); a thriving leather industry (Camper shoes originated in Mallorca); exports from Mallorca include almonds; potatoes’¦and Rafa Nadal!! Mallorca is also fast becoming recognised for it’s wine production with many vineyards across the island including Macia Batle; Jose Ferrer and Anima Negra.

Expanding on the population – of the 900,000 residents, nearly half are living in and around the capital Palma city. But swelling these numbers incredibly are in excess of 12 million people (predominantly tourists) that visit the island each year. Due to this incredible influx of holidaymakers, Calvia one of the principal municipalities is the second most affluent principality in all Europe (after Monaco).

The official language in Mallorca is accredited to both Castellano (traditional Spanish) and Catalan (or the local version known as Mallorquin). This can be very confusing to tourists who have done their homework to try to converse in traditional Spanish to find road signs and menus in Catalan or Mallorquin. Suffice to say, Mallorca has been a strong British holiday destination for so many decades that English is spoken almost everywhere.

If this short introduction has whetted your appetite, maybe you could consider Spain’s premiere blogger, Molly Sears-Piccavey. She has recently returned to Mallorca and has kindly allowed me to reproduce her guides. I thank her for allowing me to use them.

Rural Mallorca Escape
Road Trip

Great Reading! You can see all her work with links to her social media channels at

This reminded me of a trip I made to Mallorca back in 2015 and you will find my blogs here on 90 Days Tour

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