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Torrevieja Shopping

Torrevieja Shopping

Find the best places to shop, browse street markets, and don’t get caught out on “Red Days” with our exciting new website, Torrevieja Shopping. The city and surrounding areas offer some super shopping opportunities and you will never be short of places to spend your well earned cash. The categories and articles available to browse in Torrevieja Shopping are varied and informative and offer handy hints on what to expect, where to find specialised items, what shops close for “Siesta” and where you can stock the fridge while enjoying a spot of lunch or dinner. Holidays are all about fun and relaxation, and we hope the information on the website will help you save time and money while on vacation in the lively city of Torrevieja.

Torrevieja Shopping is not just about what you can buy and where to find it, the website offers information on important things visitors should know. Did you know you can’t buy pharmaceuticals or tobacco products in shops or supermarkets in Spain? Ever driven some distance to a shop at 3 pm only to find it closed? Arrived off the plane gasping for a cold drink and the place looks like a ghost town?.. Oh no, Red Day. Yes, Spain offers a different shopping experience, and hopefully after you have a look through the website, you will be able to shop with the knowledge of a local.

Markets have been a part of everyday life in Spain for centuries, and unlike many some other countries where market stalls are full of trinkets, souvenirs, arts & crafts, accessories and gift ideas, Torrevieja’s Friday Market offers an abundance of seriously cheap fresh produce. Don’t get me wrong, with over 1000 stalls it is one of the largest markets in Europe, but you will still see loads of Spanish “mamas” stocking up on their weekly food shopping. The Fish & Seafood Market is another excellent choice for the freshest delicacies from this coastal region.

Even lying on one of Torrevieja’s beaches you will find beach vendors offering all sorts of “designer” gear that may last you till the end of your holiday if you are lucky !! Chino shops are featured on the website, where due to bulk buying of mainly Chinese products, you will find a staggering selection of everyday items, household goods, toys and beach accessories at reasonable prices. With the city’s large expat community who can’t do without their creature comforts from back home, there are a number of speciality shops stocked with goods from various countries, such as the good old British newsagent and a choice of Scandinavian and Russian shops.

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