The Discount Card

It does exactly what it says…

For the user

it gives you a wide range of discounts in and around your local area. Perhaps it’s your favourite restaurant that’s giving you 10% off; it might be 10€ discount of your next purchase in the local beauty parlour or if you’ve got friends and family staying with you, those extra people may well be able to enter somewhere totally free of charge. Just look on our new and more user friendly website for details of those very satisfied customers who have already taken advantage of The Discount Card scheme!

For the business owner

The Discount Card can be an excellent way to increase your product awareness. It can encourage customers to try something new by simply offering them the chance to try something for free or at a discount. Encourage customers who have had a great experience with you to return by awarding them with an extra incentive. Why not hand out a free Discount Card with each bill and tell them about a fantastic offer they will get next time they visit. Customers will be more likely to return and receive their special offer rather than try somewhere else.

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