Villajoyosa -Playa y casas de colores
Villajoyosa -Playa y casas de colores


They say that every great journey starts with a single step. My experience is that to enjoy a successful journey it is necessary to do an awful lot of preparation before the journey even begins. This is written seven days before I start as I continue my preparations and hopefully can explain what the reader can expect and what the writers should be working on.

Whilst this journey is 100% virtual (or digital, if you prefer) and I do not need to worry about blisters, punctures or shin splints, I do need to ensure that every day for 90 days I have competent writers who can let me have 300/800 words of interesting content about their town or city. I am very fortunate that I know many great writers in Spain both through a Facebook group of Writers and Bloggers about Spain and also through the connections I have made over the past 15 years. Some are professional writers who are members of the NUJ, whilst others are enthusiastic amateurs who have a passion for their town. My partners along the way will be the ladies of Costa Women who are “partners” for the tour. I am hoping to add a spattering of Spaniards who will also add to the mix.

So, I guess I am a bit like a football manager in the pre-season. I am completing my squad. The good news is that I am not confined to just 11 players, 7 substitutes and a handful of squad players. I can choose from the best and in a number of cities, I will be introducing you the reader to a number of writers who will be writing about different facets of these destinations. As you can imagine, I am enjoying meeting these writers and learning what they will be offering.

The basic pattern will be between 300 and 800 words of text, together with either/or/both photos and videos. They will be encouraged to add external links to the places they mention. They will equally be encouraged to tell us a little about themselves and link to their website or blog. Every traveller needs food and accommodation and I hope many will feature their favourite restaurants, bars and hotels.

I start off in Mallorca where the “Around Spain in 90 Days” tour starts. We will be in the very capable hands of Vicki McLeod who will show us the many facets of the island. Then it’s off to Andalucia where I will stay almost a month before I head off up the east coast into Valencia and Barcelona and then off to the Bay of Biscay where I will complete a virtual Camino del Norte. This is the pilgrimage from the French border near Irun all along the coast (800kms). From Santiago de Compostela the tour concludes with the Canaries, Madrid and the cities of inland Spain.

I have no doubt that even the best laid preparations will be found lacking occasionally and we will have Plan Bs at the ready. I hope these are occasional blips and most of all I hope that you the reader of this blog enjoys this 90 day tour of the Kingdom of Spain.

Feliz viaje y buen camino a todos