Calahonda Pet Dog School

Calahonda Pet Dog School supply a wide range of quality pet food at affordable prices. Their website offers over 30 different foods, supplements, and treats for your cat or dog. Many of these products are only available through Calahonda Pet Dog School on the coast.

One of the most popular dog foods that K9 handlers supply is Autarky. Autarky benefits your dog in many ways, from helping him develop strong teeth and gums to the maintenance of his heart. The unique hypo-allergenic recipe is wheat gluten and soya free and contains no artificial preservatives, colours or flavours.

Calahonda Pet Dog School also supply Chudleys cat and dog food, and Salmopet Supplements. Their website gives precise information about which foods are best for your pet, based on their age, weight, and breed.

Gary Joynson who runs Calahonda Pet Dog School also offers dog training tips on his website and can help you to train your dog. Calahonda Pet Dog School now runs 3 classes per week on Thursday evening, Friday afternoon and Sunday morning. The aim of the School is to enable you to become, a confident, relaxed and responsible owner when walking your dog.

If you are interested in the Dog School or the range of healthy pet foods see the website or contact Gary on 95 127 2695 or 667 277 180.

You can also email Gary