Many of us spend time making sure we are looking good and are healthy on a regular basis, also we like our car or push bike to be well maintained. We go for yearly checkups at the Doctors & take our car to the mechanics. We don’t always understand the doctor’s big words or terms used by the mechanic but are still happy to see them for help. Yet how many of us do a regular check up on what is going to provide the lifestyle we want to enjoy while overseas? Do we make the most of opportunities that are out there to improve what we have in the way of our finances and pensions? Do we know what our pensions are worth and how to maximise them to get the best returns. Are we interested in Education Fee Planning?

We are happy to pay the doctor, mechanic & hairdresser for the work they do to improve us. We even enjoy getting a wage ourselves for whatever work we do yet so many resent paying someone who could possibly help you increase your lifestyle dramatically with a higher income coming in. Often the reason people do not go to a financial adviser is because they feel intimidated as they don’t understand the terms used in the financial world such as QROPS or what is involved with Retirement Planning.

Some people resent being cold called by telemarketing which is understandable however please don´t tar everybody with the same brush. I know many Independent advisers that have access to a variety of products that do not resort to cold calling clients like many larger companies.

If you want to talk to one of these people contact me and I will put you in touch after all it doesn’t hurt to talk. Kris

Tel: 602 525 190 or lifestylecoordinator1@gmail.com