Why an intensive Spanish course isn’t like being back at school.

If you have never taken an intensive Spanish course in Spain before, read on for some interesting insights.

To some people the idea of going “back to the classroom” can be quite daunting
. Some of us left school many moons ago and might dread the sound of a language school with classrooms, teachers and homework. However, the Spanish language schools with whom we work are not how you would remember school to be.

To start with there is an international crowd of mixed nationalities and ages
. You could be in a class with people from Sweden, Switzerland, Japan, Norway and Czech Republic but to name a few. You certainly won’t find many Brits in your class. Ages will range from 17 to 70. Outside the summer months of July & August the age range is usually broader and in the summer you may find a higher concentration of people in their 20s.

Then there’s the lessons themselves. The Spanish native speaker teachers are usually young, dynamic, open minded, experienced, fun and imaginative. Their aim is to make you feel comfortable in class. They know that the more comfortable you feel, the more you are going to learn. There will be a balance of formal and fun. Teachers will use games and different activities in class to help drive home a certain aspect of the language but some formal study of grammar and vocabulary will also be part of the class.

Many schools divide the morning up into two halves
and sometimes have a different teacher for each half. The first half is usually more structured and will have a stronger focus on grammar and language structure. You will learn about tenses and when and how to use certain grammatical structures. The second half of the morning, which is usually with a different teacher, will be more focussed on vocabulary and conversation, allowing you to put into practise what you have learned in the lesson before.

Another great element to these classes is getting to know your classmates. Not only will you learn plenty of Spanish but you will also learn a great deal about the customs and traditions of other countries and cultures. Your teacher will structure the lesson so that everyone is equally involved.

For those wanting a more intensive and formal class, you can always combine your group class with individual lessons so as to be able to focus on any specific areas of Spanish you might like to concentrate on and in these one to one lessons you get 100% of your time with the teacher.

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