Caroline Angus Baker

Caroline Angus Baker is a New Zealand author, who found a new home in Valencia in 2005. A practiced traveller, Caroline had already travelled extensively before finding Spain to be the perfect place to settle down, study and write about the country. After writing the hugely-popular Canna Medici psychological thriller series set in Spain and around Europe, Caroline turned to writing historical fiction based in Valencia.

Secrets of Spain is a trilogy set in Valencia and Madrid, set in both present day and around pivotal points in the 20th century. Luna Montgomery, a foreigner who settled in Valencia by accident, is a widow and mother of two, on a mission to uncover truths buried in the history of her Spanish roots. The first novel in the series, Blood in the Valencian Soil, tells the story of bike mechanic Luna in 2009, eager to find her Spanish grandfather, who died somewhere in Spain’s bloodied history. Along with her reluctant sidekick, Madrileño bullfighter Cayetano Beltrán Morales, they uncover secrets about themselves and each other on the road to redemption. The story is set parallel to the tale of Luna’s paternal grandfather, and Cayetano’s paternal grandmother and their besieged fate at the end of the Spanish Civil War in 1939. Valencia plays backdrop to both time periods as two families in two time periods struggle for their lives.

The second novel of Secrets of Spain is Vengeance in the Valencian Soil. Set again in modern day, Luna and Cayetano strive to identify more missing people. The book delves into the lives of Cayetano’s maternal grandfather and the reality of Valencia life in the 1950’s. José Morales Ruiz is a young Guardia Civil officer, caught up in a world of babies stolen by the church to order, along with murder, prostitution and corruption of the highest order. But the great flood of 1957 leaves José to fight for survival on physical and emotional levels. Meanwhile, back in 2010, Luna and Cayetano face the hangover of their families’ legacies and the roadblocks put between them and peace. Serious injuries in both 1957 and 2010 leave the families with life-changing decisions.

The final book in the trilogy is Death in the Valencian Dust, available in April 2015. It tells the final part of the life for Luna and Cayetano as their careers take huge turns; their families grow and change, and death comes in alternate forms. The parallel storyline tells the tale of Jaime and Alysa, Cayetano’s uncle and aunt, and the violent and changeable world Spain become as dictator Franco dies in late 1975. Spain’s regime is violent and backward, leaving two young people on opposite sides of the wealth and freedom divide, in a time where justice isn’t served. The storyline comes together with 2014, as Spain strives for change and prosperity, and the ghosts at Escondrijo, Luna’s farm in Valencia, are finally heard.

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