Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a style of Kung Fu that originates from China that is a highly effective martial art for self defence. It teaches correct posture, structure and alignment. Well coordinated attacks with a simultaneous defence makes Wing Chun Kung Fu one of the most effective forms of self defence that anyone young or old can benefit from. Students of Wing Chun Marbella learn how to deliver the correct amount of energy, whilst staying as relaxed as possible.

Sifu Ben originally was a practitioner of Kyokushinkai Karate (extreme full contact style) before switching to Wing Chun at the age of 27. He has been practicing and competing in the martial art of Wing Chun for over 23 years and became a group instructor after 3 years. With experience in UCT (Unarmed Combat Training) in Holland at headquarters before moving to Spain, Ben Bosboom is now officialy a SIFU and Head-Instructor for UCT España.

Sifu Ben teaches his students in his Wing Chun classes how to overcome force with turning and positioning as opposed to meeting a force head on. Wing Chun Kung Fu uses kicks, palm strikes, trapping, sweeps, punches and control techniques, which allows you to be successful in whatever conflict situation you find yourself in, by the most efficient means possible.
Wing Chun Marbella is one of the best schools to practice martial arts in Marbella and even more so with an instructor such as Sifu Ben.