Hello everyone,

I am pleased to announce that another of my original publications is now available in digital form. It is my first book “Going Native” Experiencing the Life and Language of Spain. Unfortunately the book is no longer available as a paperback, but it can be purchased as an e-book for just 5.95 euros by usingthis link:

Here is more information about my book:

A fresh and unique approach to learning Spanish!

Going Native, written by language teacher Jane Cronin, brings the life and language of Spain home to you in an entirely new way. Its light-hearted style will strike a chord with all ages, and will inspire you with the confidence you need to practise your Spanish next time you are out and about mixing with the locals.

Going Native is about discovering Spain and learning Spanish, but it’s also about much, much more than that. It explains all those little everyday things that happen in Spain that you’ve never quite understood. It is full of fascinating observations on the way things are done and is overflowing with tips on how to break through the language barrier and start communicating with the people around you. The e-book is delightfully illustrated with humorous drawings by the artist Eva Gold Young.

A full list of contents can be found here.


“It is very different from your usual “Learn to speak Spanish” books in the way that it is written, and yet it got me tuned in nicely to the Spanish language and the Spanish way of doing things.”

“I must admit that I found it pretty amusing and I’d imagine that anyone who is struggling with the language would find it a great way of learning things without even realising it.”

“Thank you, this book has answered a vast amount of the questions I’ve always had about Spanish society, and the reasons why things are done the way they are, and as a bonus I’ve managed to absorb a lot of useful words I can use.”