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In which case why not pack your memories too: Then, during your leisure hours you can set down your life experiences and share them with others. It is estimated that one million residents of Mediterranean Spain are British, Irish or otherwise English speaking.

These and 9 million tourists could put a real spike in sales of your memoirs or novel. Having plenty of time to read, these abundant lifestyle aficionados welcome reading new experiences.

If you have led an interesting life, or you have a good story to tell, why not do so? Writing is a wonderful way of relaxing. Many writers, new authors especially, earn pin money from publishing their stories on Amazon Books and Amazon Kindle. Many make more money out of retelling their memories than they could when they were making them.

If setting down your story and publishing it appeals to you, you may wish to engage a ghost-writer to help you achieve your dream to be a published author. Why not? It is estimated that 50 percent of published books are ghost-written. These include celebrities and household name writers like Wilbur Smith and Jeffrey Archer.


Contact Michael Walsh. Mediterranean Spain’s best known newspaper columnist. The region’s most prolific author and ghost-writer will be happy to hear from you. He can introduce his service, show you the ropes and you can then take things from there if it all makes sense to you.
Michael can be contacted at


Land line 966 786 932
Mobile 662 067 490.

Michael’s Amazon presence can be found on this link: He is prominent on Facebook too.