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Based in Lanzarote & Tenerife, Spotlight Management Centre Stage are an employment agency. We offer a contract of employment so people are legal to work. In the past we mainly dealt with entertainers and musicians, employing them through our company to work on the islands. However, due to an increasing demand, we have extended our company to allow all sorts of self employed people to join us. No matter your profession, if you are currently self employed,mobile and paying full autonomo, but only working part time, we can help you work legally at a fraction of the cost.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, having an N.I.E. does not make you legal to work. You also need a contract of employment. The new laws on residencia state that you need a contract of employment. If you want to take advantage of reduced price travel throughout the Canaries, you need a contract of employment. In order to receive ongoing medical attention, you need a contract of employment. Spotlight Management Centre Stage can offer you a contract of employment.

The laws have recently changed and the lawbreakers, employers and employees alike, will receive a hefty fine so today you can and will be asked to check your work status and legal papers on a regular basis. That’s where Spotlight Management Centre Stage come in. Our sole obligation is to make you legal. We cannot guarantee any work, however any that we do hear of we will pass your way as an added bonus.

Working with us will ensure that all your paperwork is in order as we can issue you with a legal contract of work. ensuring that your social security payments and any tax responsibilities will be met. You will reap the benefits safe in the knowledge that you are working legally, and that you will have medical cover should you fall ill. The benefits are hard to ignore. For more information please contact us for an informal chat, with no obligation.
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Please call Lez on 690 964 520 or visit the Spotlight Management website