Like golf and like saving money?

If you love playing golf in Spain and eating out, you’ve come to the right place. Golf Two 4 One is a club of avid golfers who use our combined strength of numbers to play more Spanish golf for less money.

Half the money in fact!

We also get loads of great two 4 one deals in over 100 superb restaurants, leading hotels and even on golf equipment and lessons!

We do this through or large and ever growing network of affiliated Spanish golf courses, restaurants and bars who reward our Two 4 One members with discounts on golf, meals, drinks and much more.

We have been established for several years and are the leading discount card in Spain so why not join us today and start saving.

Individual Membership: 1 person only 54 Euros

Our discount card costs just 54€ for a whole year and you can buy a card just for where you live or visit most, say the Costa del Sol or if you travel around a lot you could buy one for each region that they are available for in Spain, currently the Costa del Sol which would give you cheaper golf on the amazing Marbella golf courses for example or the Costa Blanca which includes the Costa Calida area around Murcia as well as around Alicante.

You can view the complete list of benefits by clicking here to find exactly how the card works.

Very simply though you can use each benefit on the card once, you simply choose the course or restaurant you want to go to, in the case of golf you contact the course direct, book your tee time and simply tell them you have a Golf Two 4 One card and two of you will be able to play for the price of one, simple.

Once you have used your benefit on a course or restaurant they will mark the card so they know you have already used that benefit.

We have so many great golf courses and literally once you played just one of the courses the card will have paid for itself and then you just have the great benefit of much cheaper Spanish golf and restaurants.

So join now and start saving on your Spanish golf costs today.