Moving to Spain – A SUCCESS Story

Following a ‘near death’ motorcycle accident in 2004, Jayne and I, on a whim decided to move to Spain and open a ‘bar'(2007).

We opened Vista Del Mar Restaurant, with THE ‘dream of a better life, shared by many Brits’, NO catering experience whatsoever and chef brought over from the UK. The first year was TOUGH, but we survived.

Year Two, new strategy, A NEW Chef, Michael and Patricia,Front of House, from Germany with Entertainment to keep the diners attention longer. Quality food and friendly service, PLUS Views of the Med, enabled us to receive many many plaudits, helping us become known locally for our ‘dining experience’. A better year!

Now in our 4th year, STILL with Patricia and a great new Mancunian chef Andrew, we find ourselves, even in THE most difficult of economic climates, UP slightly on last year with LOWER prices. Recognising people’s pockets have become smaller, we continue to offer quality food with quality service …. at realistic prices.

We are also becoming known for our functions, Xmas and New Year celebrations……and many other events. Our website helps keep people informed of our ‘activities’.

SO, with all the doom and gloom read about, there ARE success stories. Ok, integrating into Spanish Society is not easy (red tape and the language being two major issues) but with a positive and forward thinking attitude you CAN succeed, if you have the will! The ONLY way to succeed is to please your customers,for them to pass on the news! Word of Mouth.

We are thankful that, here at Vista Del Mar, we have done just that and hope to keep evolving.

Dave Baldwin

Vista Del Mar Restaurant .