Costa Del Sol Immo

A new concept

Costa Del Sol Immo is a brand new online property consultant with a difference. Our goal is to minimize overhead costs, maximize the service and obtain the best products at a best price! We apply the rule of the KISS (keep it simple and stupid!).

Costa Del Sol Immo’s 2 Belgian founders joined their IT experience and 20 years of real estate experience back in 2012 when they decided to come into this crowded market with a different approach, a new concept.

How we work

Too many clients get lost in the ocean of online offers, get confused by the inter-agency networking system that they do not understand and then back off out of fear. From experience we know clients prefer to deal with one single agent who controls and knows the property and the owners very well so as to simplify the negotiations and formalities of the sale.
We, therefore, only deal with developers, banks and private owners of hand-picked properties based on an well-established professional relationship. Alternatively, we can introduce you personally to a carefully-selected real estate agent with whom we have the same kind of relationship in the event that we do not have the kind of property you wish to buy in our portfolio.

Please find a selection of properties from Costa Del Sol Immo here.