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Bringing you Artists Direct
By Keith Nicol

FOR YEARS the number one entertainment complaint on the Costas has been the lack of advance information as to where and when, artists are performing. After just a month of corresponding with local entertainers and venues, a new website has been launched, designed to help you plan your nights on the town while also acting as a valuable source for the artists and venues when it comes to bookings, late changes, special nights and information about the artists and venues.

Artists Direct was the inspiration of local entertainer and computer guru Heather Baggaley with the basic concept being to provide visitors with a website offering information pages about local acts, enabling them to promote themselves and be booked direct along with sharing information through Social Media. Their Facebook page and group encourage venues and artists to interact offering a one stop, shareable promotional link for both acts and venues who are seeking entertainment.

For the first time on the Costa Blanca, each artist is now responsible for producing their own publicity materials and keeping their appointment book up to date, rather than artists hoping that the venues will do this task for them. Thus the website is produced by the artists for the benefit of the artist’s community in the promotion of themselves, their acts and availability.

Many readers will remember Elite Entertainment and the good news is that founder Norma Reilly joined Artists Direct two weeks ago, in an administrative role, giving Heather the freedom to develop and expand the website. Norma will liaise with the artists, gathering information of their bookings and produce the Gig Guide for both the website and different media publications. The website and Facebook pages allow artists to have their publicity pictures, video clips, sound clips, links to their own websites and automatic insertion onto the online Gig Guide plus availability, all at the push of a few buttons. It’s also a source for venues seeking entertainment to post via the Facebook Group (book acts direct -spain) to all artists registered on the site if they are seeking entertainment.
Artists Direct do not act as entertainment agents as the aim of the website is simply to help promote artists to gain bookings and venues to find artists. Entertainment venues can simply view the artistes online, hear them and know off their availability with the view of booking them and taking the guess work out of who they have chosen as a new act to perform at their venue. Currently the area covered is around Torrevieja, Orihuela Costa and Southern Costa Blanca but is expanding into Benidorm, the Northern Costa Blanca and Murcia.

Artists Direct held their first open meeting at Shannon’s Bar on Wednesday 8th July and will be announcing a venue for a follow up meeting around Playa Flamenca during August, with details on the website: and To join Artists Direct or for more information, contact