First 4 Property launches new home styling service

First 4 Property Opens in Higueron West

First 4 Property recently launched a new Home Styling service in with a fun, fashionable and above all stylish launch party and masterclass. Guests sipped champagne and, picked out perfect presents for the home and getting tips and inspiration on how to improve their property.

Guests were able to take part in a short Home Styling Masterclass, answering the questions; What is property styling? How can it help to sell or rent a property? What are buyers and renters looking for? This was followed by styling tips to improve the look and feel of your property and attract a buyer or tenant quickly. Interior Designers showed examples of properties before and after styling to explain the key changes and answered guests’ questions.

First 4 Property offer many options to style a property for sales or rentals; furniture packs to buy or rent, consultations on what owners can do themselves and they can do the whole house, or just add a few finishing touches. Please visit for more information

Home Styling Tips from the Masterclass

What is Property Styling?

Preparing and dressing your home with furniture and accessories, moving things around and enriching the space, rather than doing building works

Why does it work?

Buyers lack vision and need to be shown the property at its very best and see what to do with particular spaces and rooms. The key is that buyers need to fall in love and see themselves living there so they can make an emotional connection and make an offer! With basic decoration and layout changes, home styling can make a real difference.

What do buyers want?

• To see themselves in a property without seeing barriers to their perfect life there
• Feel at home, comfortable and enjoy a welcoming atmosphere
• Imagine being able to move straight in & picture their possessions fitting in
• To have well defined spaces with specific purposes which suit them
• To feel a sense of space and style
• To aspire to live there and feel that they would be proud to call it home!

Top Tips to improve your property before or as part of home styling

• Paint – Give walls a fresh coat of paint in neutral colours to make the house feel new!
• Improve bathrooms with tile paint, bath paint, replacing shower curtains and deep clean to make sure everything sparkles
• Improve kitchens by replacing or painting cupboard doors and adding new handles
• Clean, clean, clean
• De-clutter

Home Styling Essentials

• Shine a light – Lighting is essential! Try to incorporate 8 points of light in each room, light darker areas with lamps, consider brighter bulbs, light candles in the evening, pull back blinds and curtains and let as much light in as possible during the day
• Think of the target market for your home and show them their ideal life – If you have the classic family home, but don’t have kids, consider creating kids’ rooms rather than an office so people are shown exactly how they could live there.
• Beware of big furniture – It makes the space look tiny and people will not think they can fit their furniture in there! For a very small space, there are smaller items of furniture that can give the impression of size
• Don’t leave difficult spaces unfurnished – If you have a penthouse or loft space don’t leave it without furniture as people will worry they can’t fit furniture in there as the eye doesn’t accurately judge space without the reference of furniture
• Rearrange to create focal points and order – Arrange things in groups, e.g. replace lots of small pictures with large paintings to make a focus, or group smaller pictures together for order. Rearrange your furniture and try symmetrical arrangements and inviting areas.
• Make sure the temperature is right – In the summer make sure it’s cool and comfortable, in the winter warm and dry
• Give the illusion of space – Put up mirrors to make rooms look bigger and brighter
• Use “extra” rooms wisely and ensure each room has a clearly defined purpose rather than just a dumping ground. Stage rooms with one purpose so buyers will know what it is.
• Create a lifestyle people are looking for inside and out – Display accessories which give people the idea of a certain way of life, or arranging an area with an aspirational purpose

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