9 Lives Lanzarote

Lanzarote is one of the most popular European holiday destinations. But for animal lovers, and specifically cat lovers, visiting this beautiful island, a holiday can be tainted very quickly by seeing the abuse and neglect that is suffered by many of the feral cats that live here…

9 Lives Lanzarote is a registered charity to help these cats. We aim to raise the living standards of the cat colonies living on tourist complexes, and via our spay/neuter programme cut down the number of unwanted kittens born every year – kittens that would either be dumped in a plastic bag, poisoned, drowned or otherwise cruelly killed.

Based on the same principles that the Twinkle Trust on the neighbouring island of Fuerteventura employs, our main goals are as follows:

**Spaying & Neutering: working with a team of qualified vets and nurses to trap, neuter/spay, health check and, if necessary, treat cats, before releasing them back into their previous surroundings, and afterwards following up on them and looking after their welfare.

**Communal Feeding Stations: setting up “Cat Cafés” on tourist complexes, i.e. communal feeding grounds for all cats that live there, including putting up signs to inform holiday makers not to feed the cats anywhere else on the complex.

**Education: visiting holiday complexes that house feral cat colonies, and educating owners and staff about spaying and neutering.

If you want to get involved helping 9 Lives Lanzarote in any way or simply learn more about the charity please visit the 9 Lives Lanzarote webpage. Please see our latest mewsletter here.

Please note: we have no sponsorship from local or central government and rely on donations. Therefore if you wish to donate please hit the donate button on our web page.