WORK/SHOP is a two-month popup space showcasing some of the most interesting original art, craft and design from around the world. The space creates a unique creative environment where visitors can watch artists at work in the studio. It is a chance to see and support talented artists, designers and makers.

WORK/SHOP will be popping up from 1st Nov to 31st Dec. The gallery and studio space is located in Carrer del Príncep de Viana, in Barcelona. WORK/SHOP believes in the value of originals, the beauty of handmade, and the preciousness of limited edition work. The space will be interesting and inspiring, by combining the gallery and studio the public gains a better understanding of the care and attention that goes into each piece and knows that any work they purchase is made with consideration and dedication.

WORK/SHOP features a selection of 25 hand picked artists, designers and makers and the work exhibited covers a range of disciplines including painting, textiles, artists books, product design, photography printmaking and handcrafted furniture.

Katherine Penney, who is founder of WORK/SHOP said “All the work is very different, but it shares the same goal, reminding people to step away from the cookie cutter approach.”
Not only is this an opportunity to see exciting work, it is also a place to make exciting work too! WORK/SHOP will be running creative workshops where you can sign up to ‘Screen Printing for Beginners’, ‘Cut and Fold’ or ‘Art with English’.

WORK/SHOP is collaborating with Espais Mentrestant, Ajuntament de Barcelona, and Raval Cultural as part of a city revitalisation project in Barcelona.

Contact: Katherine Penney

Tel: 691 904 314