Energy Efficiency Certificates

From 1 June 2013 every householder in Spain will NEED an Energy Efficiency Certificate (Certificado de Eficiencia Energética (CEE) in Spanish) if he wishes to sell or rent out his house. The only exceptions are properties UNDER 50m2 and properties built after 2007 and when the rentals are for less than four months of the year. Many say that it makes sense for all properties that are rented to obtain the certificate.

This is a LAW. It is not a recommendation or even a suggestion. It is a law brought in under Royal Decree and was published in the BOE on Saturday April 2013. The Boletín Oficial Del Estado lists the Real Real Decreto 235/2013 in full.

Now that said, the law has been brought in on a most peculiar and non-professional basis. Given that there are 2 million plus houses to survey, six weeks lead-time was never going to be enough. The next issue is that there was complete lack of clarification of many of the points – who was going to be allowed to do the surveys, what they could charge and then what the paper flow would be. Many college of architects said they were unprepared to process the completed surveys, in other towns surveyors were elected by the town council (!) and in other areas the notaries and lawyers said they were not equipped to complete the legal requirements of the decree. Obviously, some people saw the chance to make a “quick buck” and started advertising FROM the UK (!), whilst others were quoting up to 3000 euros.

As the days progress, the situation is getting more clear but in the middle of May the government had to be realistic and issued an update stating, “El 1 de junio es la fecha establecida para la entrada en vigor del Real Decreto, aunque está prevista una moratoria que podría ser de hasta tres meses, a la espera de que cada comunidad autónoma cuente con sus órganos de registro, para que empieze a aplicarse la política de sanciones.”

Shortly after that, the notaries confirmed, “Hay que recordar que los notarios no tendrán “poder” de parar las operaciones de compraventa en el caso de no disponer del certificado energético, aunque sí podrá informar a ambas partes de su ausencia.” They stress that, despite what others had said, as notaries they do NOT have the power to stop a property sale proceeding if no energy certificate is available! All they could do would be to advise the purchaser and vendor!

Graham Hunt, a Valencia-based property agent has written the most comprehensive and realistic overview I have seen to date – click here. He underlines the flaws in the implementation of the decree.

I am pleased to confirm that ThisIsSpain can now arrange the certificate with qualified and registered English-speaking contacts throughout Spain and the islands. All surveys are charged as per the square meter build of the property. We do not ask for ANY monies in advance and nor do we ask for any financial information or property details. All we need is name, telephone number(s), municipality and email address. NOTHING else!

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Hay que recordar que los notarios no tendrán “poder” de parar las operaciones de compraventa en el caso de no disponer del certificado energético, aunque sí podrá informar a ambas partes de su ausencia

por consiguiente, tanto las inmobiliarias como los portales inmobiliarios están exentos de responsabilidad en caso de que el propietario de la vivienda cuente con una etiqueta energética que lleve a error o confusión o que directamente publicite la casa sin hacer mención a la calificación energética obtenida o sin la etiqueta energética

los abogados consultados señalan que la única “responsabilidad” de las inmobiliarias o portales inmobiliarios consistirá en informar al propietario de su obligación de cumplir con el real decreto y de incorporar la etiqueta energética en su anuncio.

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