The Midas Touch

THE MIDAS TOUCH MAGAZINE is the window to Luxury Lifestyles in Spain. It offers readers a mix of prestige properties, exotic and classic automobiles, aviation, boats and yachts, watches and jewellery, travel and destinations, investment opportunities, gizmos and gadgets, fashion, kickstarter opportunities, technology and telecom, a little touch of glamour, a good read, while being something a little different not found before in Spain plus more than a touch of luxury.

While our target audience is to High Net Worth Individuals, it’s also written to appeal to anyone with an interest of living in, moving to or doing business with Spain. Our inaugural edition in January 2015 had contributions from James May from BBC2’s Top Gear, a glance at the London Boat Show, motivational speaker Robert Landau, $40 million properties in Florida, hidden boutique hotels in Majorca, 15 of the finest automobiles for 2015 and even a look at Elvis Presley’s two jets; the Lisa Marie and Hound Dog II, that were up for auction.

Available online, to download or even to purchase your own printed, full colour edition, the Midas Touch Magazine attracts writers and associates who want to show off the best of what Spain (and beyond) has to offer; for residents, visitors, business and investment opportunities.

With a direct reach to over 80,000 readers, who have an express interest in Spanish lifestyle, Midas Touch Magazine is focused on becoming the benchmark, virtual monthly publication, for Spain. It’s an ideal publication for luxury brands to showcase their products, kickstarters to look for investment, prestige properties to find new owners, fabulous yachts to grace our harbours and more classic, exotic and custom automobiles to discover the best of what Spain has to offer.

Why not join us for the adventure. Midas Touch Magazine is not so much about finding your destination directly but taking you on an enticing journey to arrive there full of knowledge, refreshed and well equipped for your next adventure.

For more details, find Midas Touch Magazine on Issuu.com or email us.