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You may visit historic Alhambra Palace in Granada, the nightlife of Madrid, the beautiful city of Barcelona, the Mezquite Arab palace of Cordoba, the breathtaking beauty in its natural parks and mountain ranges, the impressive selection of Ski resorts, and the beauty of the Donana nature reserve in the South.

You may also taste the most delicious Spanish dishes in numerous restaurants. Some of the exotic dishes are potato omelette (“tortilla de patata”, “tortilla española” or just “tortilla”), paella, various stews, migas, sausages (such as embutidos, chorizo, and morcilla), jamón serrano, and cheeses.

If you are a golf lover, Spain is a golfers’ paradise with over 70 top class golf courses in Andalucia alone. Blessed with some of the most beautiful beaches, Spain is your ideal holiday destination as well. These beaches are spread from Estorde in the North to Huelva in the South. Its 4000 kms of coastline will provide you a perfect holiday destination.

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