ALOE VERA GEL – Daily Use – Daily Protection
Are you protecting your family?

The Spanish have always known about the healing properties from the gel from the aloe vera plant, but science understands why the cooling liquid from the aloe vera plant is so important in the daily protection of the whole family including your pets.

Aloe Vera gel, when used daily can protect your family from disease. Applied to the skin, the gel reduces inflammation thus helping the healing process and there is substantial scientific evidence to show this.

Studies conducted at Texas A&M University and Texas Children’s Hospital by Drs. Bob Bowden and Wayne Smith have now demonstrated that aloe extracts mediate a second anti-inflammatory mechanism by blocking certain integrins.

Integrins are proteins that mediate cell adherence. Thus in inflamed tissues, defensive cells such as blood neutrophils must first bind to endothelial cells on blood vessel walls before entering the tissues.
This binding is integrin-mediated. Neutrophils, although critical for host defense, are unfortunately able to cause significant tissue damage as a result of the release of potent enzymes and oxygen metabolites. Thus compounds that block neutrophil emigration will prevent tissue damage and so reduce inflammation.

Another part of the healing equation is that the gel forms a rich mixture of vitamins and minerals, which together with water combined in the gel allows those properties to absorb quickly into the blood stream. The gel of the aloe vera when applied daily also hydrates the skin leaving a thin film over the skin that not only holds the moisture in the skin, but protects the skin from harmful pollutants and free radicals. It also acts as a toner for the skin, firming the skin immediately upon application. This means that it is the best solution for diaper rash and other skin irritations.

Aloe vera gel is a form of pectin, but not like the kind you would use to make your jams and jellies. Scientist have studied aloe pectin and call it “cell cement” because of the way that it acts as a binding agent to aid the growth factor that cells need to divide and grow.

“So we believe that when we drop this pectin into a wound, it forms a soft gel and then binds the growth factors and makes them persist for much longer,” explains immunologist Ian Tizard of Texas A&M in College Station. “The effect we see is a significant acceleration of wound healing.”

The healing power is particularly potent for older victims who normally take longer to heal than younger people. Testing aloe vera gel on wounds, Tizard found that in older people the wounds that normally would heal in 3 weeks – healed in 2 weeks. This is important information for elderly folks who might suffer from bed sores or pressure ulcers.

And when it comes to your pets, nothing beats aloe vera for healing their wounds as well. Respected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture, they have already licensed the use of aloe vera to treat cancer in dogs and cats.

You can research all these studies on the Internet – or you can learn more about how aloe vera gel is made and how you can protect your family and pets daily by contacting Karla Darocas who works for the Costa Blanca’s only aloe vera laboratory in Benitachell @ 648 156 607 or email her You also visit the website to buy fresh aloe vera gel directly from the laboratory –