Ecademy Alicante

More news from the Ecademy meetings in Alicante.

After we saw more new people coming to the last meeting it was decided to hold all future meetings on the third Wednesday of every month at Harry’s Bar in the same area as before, at 12.00, until further notice, for directions please check the website.

Also now we have set up a website for members to publicise their businesses free of charge,

The group is also open to members of other networks, Xing, LinkedIn etc as quite a few of us are on a few different networks. The more people we have the stronger we become to help each other out, so please let your contacts know about it on your network sites.

We are now advertised in the CBN and RTN under clubs and events.

Look forward to seeing everyone there at the next meeting on the 20th October

Orihuela RFC
ABC Group (Alicante Business Club)

PS Want to know more about Ecademy? Just ask and I’ll forward a free trial membership.