Stolen Bikes

Warning out to all cyclist in the Costa del Sol region. On Saturday 5th Oct along the coast road outside La Cala 4 mountain bikes chained together were stolen within a period of 5 minutes. Absolutely despicable behavior from heartless thieves. 1 very expensive new Carbon ORBEA S50 2013 sales price 2,000Euros, Weep black 400 euro, JL Wente grey 300 plus child’s bike BH Oregon.

It seems that you simply cannot leave anything unattended even for minutes. Let this costly lesson warn all cyclists and tourists to be extra vigilant at all times. Link your bags under a chair leg when you stop for a coffee and don’t leave mobile phones on tables as distraction tactics leave them vulnerable also.

Any sighting of the bikes please inform the website.

More importantly don’t let this happen to you!