Taking it easy in Algorfa
By Dave Bull

Over the years in Spain I’ve gradually perfected the art of relaxing, and I now have somewhere nearby that can take me to the next level; really chilled.


Recently the small village of Algorfa has seen somewhat of a transformation in its lush valley with the construction of a superbly designed golf course that attracts golfers from all over Europe to enjoy its well-kept slopes. Now don’t get me wrong and think that I’m saying golfing is relaxing as, for me, it’s probably the day of the week when I am cursing (under my breath, of course) most but what’s a few lost balls anyway?
Nicely crafted, La Finca is a decent test for golfers, and easy on the eye with some well thought about additions including the arched bridge on the first (I’ve had a close look several times as my ball somehow always heads into the water…).


Sitting majestically alongside ‘La Finca’ golf course is the 5 star La Finca Hotel, and this is where visitors and guests can wind down in the ultra-modern spa with views over the golfers (sweating by now) below.
The hotel really is a quality establishment and getting spoilt here for a time is a must for anyone visiting the area.


Although inland and tucked away in the ‘campo’, making it very tranquil (and it’s a great walk into the village at night), Algorfa is only 15 minutes away from the longest beaches on the Costa Blanca at Guardamar where more relaxing is to be had, some great restaurants, and some of the best shopping along the coast.
The quality (and luxury) of the properties in Algorfa is always appreciated by visitors who live in un-crowded bliss during their stay, and I know I’m repeating myself here, but the walk into and from the village is a treat in itself. Cool breezes will freshen you from the outside-in, scented with a hint of orange blossom at the right time of year, and a good glass of local beer will refresh from the inside-out, this I have researched, thoroughly!

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