Women Of Fire

WOMEN OF FIRE is a brand new women’s networking and support group on the Costa Blanca due to launch in January 2011. We will meet on the last Friday of every month.

Running a business or working in Spain presents us with many challenges. We can often feel isolated in a foreign country with a language barrier and an unfamiliar bureacracy to deal with. Women Of Fire has been founded by 3 women with over 25 years combined experience of working and running a business in Spain: Vicki Riley, Christine Quinlan and Carolyn Shedden.

We know the power of networking in the Ex Pat community and we wanted to focus on the women behind the businesses who do such marvelous things in a difficult environment and particularly now in such a difficult economic climate.

Women Of Fire is a supportive business and networking group exclusively for women that has been established to help any woman either working, running her own business or thinking of setting up
a business in Spain.

We meet on the last Friday of every month at different venues across the Costas. At a Women Of Fire lunch, you may find many things… New customers, the answer to that business or work issue you had been worrying about or simply a great lunch in nice surroundings with like-minded people who could become your
friends. You may find just that inspiration you are looking for, improve your client base or hear
of a fabulous business or job opportunity that is just right for you.

The women who come to our lunches come from diverse fields, from the esoteric to the corporate
and everything in between!! We welcome any business that has a product or a service that
may be useful to our members either for their financial, practical or emotional well-being.

From insurance to furniture, Reiki to Spanish Classes, advertising to banking, clothes to catering,
cosmetics to taxes- anything for which we need expert help and advice!!

You do not have to be a member to attend a lunch, why not contact us for further details, subscribe
to the FREE newsletter or come along to a lunch where you will receive a warm welcome and see
how Women Of Fire can help YOU