Whatever your foreign currency requirements, whether you are transferring savings for your new life in the sun, investing in property abroad, making regular currency transfers overseas or needing holiday money each time you travel, we understand that you will want to get as much for your money as you can. That’s why This is Spain has teamed up with Currencies Direct to offer you the best service and the most competitive foreign currency exchange rates available today. With years of experience providing financial solutions, Currencies Direct have developed an innovative range of products and currency transfer services that can help to minimise your foreign exchange risks and take the hassle out of international payments.
Available products and services
For individuals
Buying a home abroad: No matter what the reason you’re buying a property overseas for, don’t forget the importance of the foreign exchange rate on your purchase.
Emigration: If you’re in the process of emigrating, getting the best exchange rate and therefore the most for your money is crucial to your new life.
Overseas Education: Sending your children overseas to study can be daunting. We’ll make sure that paying those fees in a foreign currency won’t add to your worries.
Buying something special: Importing a new car, a boat, antiques or even wine? We’ll make sure the foreign exchange doesn’t spoil the pleasure of your purchase.
Regular Transfer Plans: Thousands of customers have joined the Overseas Regular Money Transfer Plan and enjoy the many financial benefits.
Online payments/transfers: Easy, fast, secure online payments. Manage your foreign payments from anywhere you have an internet connection.

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Why use Currecies Direct? – the benefits.

Challenging traditional banking conventions, Currencies Direct guarantees to beat any retail bank both in price and service. From the moment we were established our aim has been simple. To provide a personalised service and save our clients money from dealing with traditional banks.

* Increasing your spending power. Because we deal directly with the currency markets we can offer the best foreign money exchange rates that the banks find hard to beat. These great foreign currency exchange rates mean that you get more for your money.
* Saving you money. We want to make sure that you get the best forex deals you can so that’s why we offer all our clients free transfers (over £5,000) and charge no commission. Plus, Currencies Direct does not charge lifting/receiving fees on forex transfers.
* Tailored to your circumstances. As specialist foreign exchange brokers we are able to offer a number of product choices for foreign exchange including spot deals, forward contracts and limit orders. Which one is right for you will depend on your circumstances, foreign currency needs and timing.
* Easy to deal with. You can trade in forex with us by phone, talking directly to a currency specialist, electronically or by fax. The first step is to become a registered private or business customer. Our registration process is second to none. You can register with us online and be ready to trade in minutes.
* Make regular payments overseas. Mortgage, maintenance, insurance – whatever your reason for making regular money transfers Currencies Direct’s Overseas Regular Money Transfer Plan can save you money. With free forex transfers, great foreign exchange rates and low minimum amounts we really make is easy to keep benefiting from our great service. Click here for more information.
* For businesses, we are committed to delivering excellence in customer service and solutions to help your business grow and compete more effectively within the global market place.

Currencies Direct Limited is a leading payment technology solutions company and it was one of Europe’s first independent foreign exchange specialists in 1996 to recognise the need in the market for an expert secondary Foreign Exchange provider to traditional banks. Its innovative approach is based on dealing directly with the currency markets and matching buyers with sellers thus eliminating intermediaries and giving it a competitive edge in pricing foreign exchange. Twelve years on Currencies Direct is now one of Europe’s largest foreign exchange specialist with a head office and operations across 5 continents, with 2,000 strong franchise network of business partners and is part of the Azibo Group.
Latest foreign currency exchange news

* Market eyes UK unemployment data
In the current climate sentiment is changing like the drop of a hat; the swings from risk on to risk off in sentiment are directly affecting the currency markets. Yesterday for the most part we saw little volatility in the FX rates, due to the previous days risk appetite sterling was trading higher and […]
* The tide changes again
Of late we have become accustomed to sudden changes in global economic sentiment as the uncertain markets digest every sound bite of economic feedback. This pattern repeated itself yesterday as the risk averse cloud was lifted by bullish comments from analyst Meredith Whitney that banks’ quarterly results may be stronger than expected. This was unusual […]
* BoE leave QE measures unchanged
The Bank of England surprised the markets by keeping the Quantitative Easing programme at £125 billion, as expected interest rates were kept at 0.5%. This was a big shock to the markets which had sold sterling in the run up to the announcement with the expectation that a further £25 billion would be injected. For […]
* Why Are Some British Owned Businesses Struggling in Spain?
July and August are strange months in Spain, for a start if you want to get things done, contact people or progress business issues it seems doubly difficult than it is the rest of the year, and as we all know doing business in Spain is not always easy the rest of the year either! […]
* All eyes on BoE today
Yesterday sterling remained under pressure for the trading day as the prospect of increasing the QE programme was priced into sterling. As is common on interest rate decisions, the speculation beforehand will move the value of the currency before the actual announcement. Sterling clung to its current trading range against the USD and the Euro […]

For now news and information on foreign currency exchange visit the Currency Exchange Blog or the Currency Exchange Forum
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