Lanzarote Shopping Guide

Shopping can be frustrating when you don’t know the opening hours, where to go and what to ask for, this guide is not to limit where you shop but to take some of the guess work out of who might sell what. We have used all of the companies listed and the fact that they are included in our guide shows that they are worthy of recommendation. This guide was written by Miguel from the website Lanzarote Information


Opening hours are generally 8am – 2pm, some are also open in the evening and Saturday mornings (winter only). The two favourite banks with expats are:

La Caixa (pronounced Caisha)

Puerto del Carmen, Avda de las Playas (underneath MacDonalds) C.C. Arena Dorada.

Tel: 928 511 877

Fax: 928 841 141

Costa Teguise, Tandarena Local 7 Y 20, on the corner of Avenida de Las Islas Canarias and Avenida de Jablillo.

Tel: 928 590 987

Fax: 928 592 602

Costa Teguise, Urb. Los Molinos, Locales 3 Y 4, Avenida de Las Palmeras.

Tel: 928 591 048

Fax: 928 826 138


Puerto del Carmen, Edif. Aparthotel LosFariones, Avda de las Playas.

Tel: 928 596 078

Fax: 928 596 099

Costa Teguise, C.C. Playa Bastian, Avenida de Mar.

Tel: 928 346 967

Fax: 928 346 968


Car Shop – Deiland, Playa Honda

Tel: 928 821 621

Open Mon to Fri 9am – 1pm and 4.30pm – 8pm & Sat 10am – 1pm

Small showroom with limited variety but you can leave the details of what you are looking for and they promise to call you if one comes in. You can also leave your car in the showroom to be sold for a commission charge.

Multicar – Autovia LZ-2 Arrecife – Yaiza,Playa Honda

Tel: 928 821 616

Fax: 928 820 032

This company always has a large selection of cars for sale, English is not generally spoken but it is worth looking for the variety of models available.

U.K. Autos, Calle el Matorral (off Calle Luchada), Tias

Tel/Fax: 928 833 581

John can supply rental cars for daily or long term use, second hand car sales and full service and accident repair facilities. This is a very useful one stop shop for all of your motor requirements.

Clothes & Shoes

Biosfera Shopping Centre, Old town, Puerto del Carmen

This shopping centre opened in 2003 and has a good selection of clothes shops including sports, surf and fashion. Find names such as Zara, Footlocker, and Levis. There is also a large shoe shop called Calzados.

Deiland Shopping Centre, Playa Honda

This centre has a supermarket, bowling alley and cinema not to mention shops on 3 floors including Bricoland (DIY), Sony (electrical), Informatica (mobiles and IT) and Burbujeta (sports). There is a food hall with Burger King, together with outlets for Pizza, Sandwiches, Ice cream and coffee.


Arrecife is filled with small boutiques for all, simply park and walk along the main streets to find them. Choose from Vera Moda, Mango, Benetton, Quiksilver, Lacoste, Jack Jones to mention but a few.


ADL – Fajardo 12, Arrecife

Tel: 928 824 036
This has got to be the best value shop for all your computer accessories. The shop has a limited display but produce a regular booklet with all the special offers in. Expect to wait from a couple of hours to a few days to collect a new computer while they build to your specification and load the necessary software.

Intornet – Calle Libertad 30, Tias

Tel: 902 524 231

Fax: 928 524 987



Bricoland, Deiland

Situated on the ground floor of the shopping centre, good range of electrical goods, camping and outdoor furniture, tools and DIYaccessories.

Ferreteria, Tias

This store has everything you could need, very organised and priced. If not in stock, customer services will order while you wait from their warehouse in Playa Honda. Building supplies, tools, garden accessories, plumbing, beds and electrical goods.

Mega Centro, Playa Honda

If you can’t find it try Mega, this shop has DIY and Toys in the basement, household and electrical goods on the ground floor and furniture and sports shop upstairs. It also has special occasions for example carnival goods in February, camping equipment in summer etc.

Electrical Goods

Rocasa – Leon Y Castillo, Arrecife

Cheap shop including small household electrical goods.

Sony / Philips – on the corner of Fajardo and Jose Antonio, Arrecife

Largest selection of TV’s with an assortment of household goods, there is a separate shop over the road with kitchen appliances in too.

Sony shop – Deiland

A good selection of stereos, TV’s, game stations, watches and phones.

Ferreteria – Tias

Well priced range of kitchen appliances with free delivery. Good choice of DVD, videos and televisions with cables, stands and brackets.

Mega Centro – Playa Honda

Large selection of all household electrical goods, well priced and usually in stock.


Lanzexpress – Avda de las Playas, Puerto del Carmen

Tel 928 510 625

The most competitive last minute flight prices leaving the island.


Tel: 928 514 294
The website prices each way individually allowing you to pick the best days to fly, available in advance.


Casa – Calle Fajardo 30, Arrecife

Tel: 928 80 72 74

Open 6 days per week all day.

The Spanish house shop, sewing and materials in the basement, crockery, cutlery, and candles etc on the ground floor and furniture and accessories on the top floor.

La Oca – Calle Fajardo 10, Arrecife

Tel: 928 80 03 50

Open Mon – Sat from 10am – 1pm and 5pm to 8pm

A modern but reasonably priced furniture and accessories shop. Colourful and fun products with catalogues available.

Feather & Black – Puerto Calero

Tel: 928 515 194

Opening hours Mon & Thu 11am – 6pm, Tue, Wed & Fri 11am – 2pm and 3pm – 7pm, and Sat 11am – 5pm

You can order any item from the website or catalogue and it will be shipped from the UK, allow 8 weeks for delivery.

Ikea – Arrecife, Carretera de los marmoles (near port)

Tel: 928 082 000

Opening hours 10am to 10pm Mon- Sat

Identical to the UK stores with display area, marketplace, cafeteria etc. Slightly different system than the UK, where you order goods and pay for them upstairs if coming from the warehouse, otherwise pay at the checkout for marketplace goods.

Galerias Laura – Tias

Tel: 928 833 352 Laura pronounced Lowra speaks very good english.

There are two branches of this shop in Tias, one in the main street and the other in the side street off the middle roundabout. They offer very good quality but cheaper furnishings, ideal for investment properties. They have a 2 and 3 seat sofa set from 485 (euros) and luxury version at 700 (euros) in the basement of the shop! Offer a complete range of electrical items, kitchens, furniture all delivered foc to your address.

Ambar – Playa Honda

Tel: 928 823 993

Opening hours 10-2 and 5 – 8.30 Mon to Friday and 10-2 Saturdays.

Great mixture of original and reproduction wooden furniture from China, India, Thailand and Indonesia.

Absolute Furniture – Arrecife (round corner from Ikea)

Tel: 928 816 499

Opening hours Mon – Fri 10am to 8pm and Sat 10am to 4pm

Hand made designer leather sofas, 3 and 2 seater suites starting from €1500.

Scruples – Tias, Playa Honda and Arrecife

Tel: 928 83 32 52 Avda Central 29, Tias

Tel: 928 82 16 53 Princesa Ico 77, Playa Honda

Tel: 928 81 72 03 Hnos Zerlo 18, Arrecife (behind Casa)

There are 3 shops on the island and this company have the most comprehensive collection of English and Spanish style bedding, towels, cushions, throws and curtains. Decide first which sizes you prefer as you can’t mix and match the duvets and pillows.

Arrecife has a large selection of furniture shops; there are ones similar to MFI where the furniture is delivered in kit form for you to build at home (main carretera to San Bartolome) such as Kitea, or the wood shop opposite the Spinola centre where you stain it, or individual shops with ready made items. All will deliver free of charge to your home address.

Garden Centres

Tahiche Garden Centre, Tahiche to San Bartolome ctra.

Tel: 928 173 411

Open Mon to Sun 10am – 7pm

Offers garden design and maintenance as well as plants, tools and pots.

Las Marias, Tahiche to Costa Teguise road (next to the prison)

Open Mon to Sat

Large garden centre and well organised including garden furniture and indoor plants.

Viveros – Arrecife, San Bartolome road

This garden centre is not advertised and difficult to find but offers a wide variety of plants at great prices. Situated in the back streets on the opposite side of the road to the hospital. Look for the palm trees up a dirt track!


Elijah Blue -Teguise

Tel: 928 594 928

Former London hairdressers Grant & Jim offer an amazing service in their tranquil and stylish salon in historic Teguise.


Alan Horwood – C.C. Maritimo, Puerto del Carmen

Tel/Fax: 928 513 227

Opening hours Mon to Fri 10am – 4pm

Competitive quotes and friendly service for your car and house insurance requirements.

Linea Directa

Tel: 902 123 123 / 902 325 325

Opening hours 8am – 10pm Monday to Friday 9am to 3pm Saturdays.

Direct line in Spain, simply call for a quote and your policy will be posted to you.


Informatica shops – branches in Arrecife, Deiland shopping Centre – Playa Honda

Biosphera Shopping Centre – Puerto del Carmen

This shop has a great selection of phones available. Once on a Spanish phone you collect points from your monthly spend, these points allow you discount off new mobile phones or even free phones depending on the offers. (Movistar & Vodafone)

Satellite TV

Lanzarote Satellite Systems

Tel: 609 523 676 or 676 535 431

Opening hours Mon to Fri 9.30 am – 6.30 pm

For an informative selection of English language satellite options, call Nick who will advise, supply and install.

Via Digital

Tel: 902 110 010


You will need to speak Spanish or ask to speak English to order this satellite system, but once ordered it should be installed within 2 weeks. There is no installation fee, you simply pay the first months programme fee to the engineer. Although the programmes are broadcast in Spanish by default the majority of them were recorded originally in English and you can simply change the language back to English. There are a number of programme options costing from 20 to 60 Euros per month.

Alternatively you can order it through ADL or Informatica shops listed under Computer / Mobile sections.

Swimming Pools

Piscinas y Jacuzzis, Playa Honda, San Bartolome ctra.

Tel: 928 823 950

Fax: 928 823 951

From design, supply and installation of pools and Jacuzzis to maintenance training and chemicals.


Cash & Carry – Playa Honda, San Bartolome road

Tel: 928 823 142

Fax: 928 823 414

Opening hours Mon to Fri 9am – 7pm and Sat 10am – 3pm

You can find all of your English favourites here from walker’s crisps to Iceland frozen food. You will pay a premium but there are times when you just want those items like horseradish sauce and you can’t find it anywhere else

Eurospar – Arrecife, heading towards Tahiche

Parking is easy; you will need a 50 cent or 1 euro coin for the trolley. This supermarket stocks many items not found in others for example, pitta bread, HP soups and beans, Indian and Mexican food.

Hiperdino – Deiland, Playa Honda and Arrecife, towards Costa Teguise

This chain of supermarkets caters mainly for the Spanish market and whilst choices can be limited, the overall cost of your shopping will be less. The draw back with the Deiland centre is getting your shopping to the different car park areas, and there is a shortage of tills open meaning queues at the checkout.

Lanzameat – C.C. Montana Tropical, Puerto del Carmen

Tel: 928 813 527

Fax: 928 813 573

Opening hours Mon to Fri 9am – 3pm and Saturday 9am – 2pm

This family owned business butchers meat in the English way, so you will be able to get those joints of beef that you can’t find elsewhere. They also stock a wide variety of English products from sausages to apple pies.

Roper – roundabout at Playa Honda near Mega Centro

Fantastic! Great selection of meat, fish, cheese, fruit and vegetables available fresh or frozen. Unbelievable prices and quality.

Vivo – (opposite the airport runway) Playa Honda

It is almost a social event when you try shopping at this supermarket, especially on a Saturday morning. The supermarket has been redesigned recently with wider isles and a new carpark. The butcher and deli counters operate on a ticket system which usually means one person needs to stand in the queue whilst the other completes the rest of the shopping.



Tel: 1004 from any phone box or landline telephone, ask for the English department

A new line will usually be installed within 7 days, however lines are not available in all areas of Lanzarote. ADSL is now available in most tourist areas.


A-Z Paperwork

Telephone: (0034) 676 455 282

Guy can help with translation services, all local paperwork from buying houses to selling cars and residencia.


Pet – C.C. Las Maretas, Av. Islas Canarias, Costa Teguise

Tel: 928 346 207

Emergency Tel: 636 068 111

Opening hours 9.30am – 7 pm Monday to Friday. Saturdays 10am – 1pm.

This surgery offers great flexibility with house calls possible even for booster jabs for those who can’t transport their pets to the vet. Also, fantastic grooming service available.