Tengo Dolor

“Tell the Doctor”


Vacation, moving to, or – lucky you – already living in Spain?

Spain is one of the favorite places for people from all over the world, but … even in paradise accidents or health problems can occur and one needs to be prepared!

Fortunately, the Spanish health system is excellent … provided that you have enough Spanish to make yourself understood. Unfortunately, many ex-pats don’t and this booklet is designed to offer a helping hand.

How to communicate with the Spanish doctor?

In Spain, quite often people are at a loss about the Spanish health and social services, SIP cards, English speaking doctors, specialists and other medical practitioners, hospitals, chemists, etc.

All such questions are answered in the well known Tell the Doctor booklet, which provides extensive information about these and many other related subjects. It is bilingual (English-Spanish) and enables you to communicate with Spanish doctors and other health and/or social care providers when it is most important and that is when your health and well being are involved!

For 6,50 euros / 5,00 GBP (£) (+ postage) this is one of the best investments you can ever make. With one’s health, one should not take risks.

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The booklet is available in four languages: English, German, French and Dutch. All bilingual, of course.

Can we mail your booklet to you outside of Spain? Yes we can, no problem!