CAMALEÓN LEOPARDO - primavera 2015 - nueva especie en Bioparc Valencia (2)

Valencia – Day 5

Really exciting news to start the day, Kielo contacted me from Bioparc to make me aware of a new arrival. Did I want to visit the “Camaleón leopardo de Madagascar”. Well, I recognised the words but not the animal and quickly looked it up. It is the Madagascar chameleon lizard. So, off back to Bioparac to see this amazing creature!

Camaleón leopardo - primavera 2015 - BIOPARC VALENCIA (3)

Oh, what an amazing reptile! Back to basic Darwenism, I guess. The survival of the fittest, to camouflage themselves from all who would do them ill, they simply change colour. Incredible. Whilst I was at Bioparc, I popped over to see my friends the meerkats and giraffes too. Nature at its finest. Magnificent creatures! Also whilst I was there, I noticed a sticker on some of the ticket booths that I had not noticed last week. When I got back to the apartment I found that Bioparc, Valencia has been named one of the Top 10 zoos in the world by the members of Trip Advisor.

Top Zoos in the world

Henry Doorly Zoo, Omaha, Nebraska, USA
San Diego Zoo, San Diego, California, USA
Loro Parque, Puerto de la Cruz, Canary Islands
St.Louis Zoo, St.Louis, Missouri, USA
Singapore Zoo, Singapore, Singapore
Chester Zoo, Chester, UK
Prague Zoo (Zoo Praha), Prague
Tiergarten Schoenbrunn – Zoo Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Bioparc Valencia, Valencia
Gramado Zoo, Gramado, Brazil

Congratulations, amigos!


Valenciaflats have over 300 apartments in and around the city and they also manage several hotels. On the way back to base I popped into Hotel Lotelito which is very conveniently located in the town centre. It’s got a big city chic atmosphere with a very trendy restaurant adding to the buzz of the place. It’s in the calle Virues 6 very close to the Teatro Principal where Sara Baras performs next week. No, Steve. You can’t stay another week in Valencia!


Then it was siesta, some work and get myself ready for the Levante UD v Espanyol game. As I said yesterday, it is going to be a very tough game for the home team who desperately need all three points but Espanyol will not make it easy! Lucas Alcaraz, the Levante manager, is happy that he can count on Juanfran and Navarro for the game as he is going to need every bit of ammunition he can lay his hands on tonight. That said, it’s football and all that matters is what happens over the 90 minutes. I’ll update tomorrow.