Welcome to Property Costa del Sol.

Given the current market conditions, we have got together with long established Spanish Estate Agent Networks, who are specialists in finding the cheap properties, repossessed property and “distressed” , which come up for sale and sell very quickly.

Property Costa del Sol are thoroughly committed to providing all our customers with the necessary help in locating the best priced and ‘value for money’ properties available on the Costa del Sol. Should your interest be in making a permanent move to Spain or just finding a holiday home to suit your needs or sourcing the right Spanish property investment in today’s buyer’s market, we bring all our experience and resources to bear to make that goal a reality.

Distressed Property

DISTRESSED SALE doesn’t mean a problem with the property, simply that the current purchaser is struggling to raise finance to complete the purchase, usually due to a change in their personal circumstances.

Why Buy Now?

Simple really, it is no secret that the Spanish Property Market has over the last few years crashed in dramatic fashion. But this is a good thing, Second & Holiday homes had started costing more than peoples main family homes in their own countries. The entire market was over-heated !
There are now some great bargains to be had on the Costa del Sol

Using an Agent

Selecting a company, such as ourselves, can provide not only property at bargain prices but also can provide the experience from gaining a mortgage, to answering all your questions and guide you through the negotiations and procedures to the completion of your purchase. Our fees are paid by the seller and it makes sense for a buyer to use the very helpful services of a company such as Property Costa del Sol.

Property Investors & Developers
Some property investors have a desperate need to sell before completion or cannot afford to go ahead with the purchase and are forced to sell for far less than the market value, or they have the property repossessed by the Developer/bank and lose their 30% deposit. The developers simply want to move onto their next project and as they have already received about 30%, or so, of the purchase price from the previous buyer, they will often let the properties be sold at the original (2-3 years ago) price, less the deposit. This results in the property being approximately 20-50% under the current market value.

Spanish banks are also doing the same, selling via registered companies such as ourselves, who have been vetted, and are offering huge discounts in order to retain cash flow.
Not all bank repossessions are cheap, we have only taken on properties from the bank that we know are bargains and these properties will not be around for long.
We are being handed keys from Spanish Banks on a daily basis, where the owner has foreclosed.

Spanish Mortgages

Property Costa del Sol have forged strong links with most of the leading banks here in Spain, we also work closely with the best advisors that can ensure your needs are met and your interests put first. In most instances we can arrange a Spanish mortgage for the majority of home buyers.