Our team of professionals have more than 15 years’ experience in the language sector. Our goal is to meet your needs in the most hassle-free and cost effective manner possible. We’re creative, leaders, dreamers and probably most important we’re doers. We come from a wide range of cultures and countries but what we all have in common is a love for languages and the desire to do things well.

Language courses

Language courses and workshops for companies and professionals
We’ve been providing language courses and workshops to companies and professionals in Spain since 2000, so we know what works and more importantly what doesn’t! All our teachers and trainers have years of experience and each and every course is adapted to your needs: improve your pronunciation, public speaking, negotiations skills, killer presentations, nail that interview, etc.

Translation services

At Nativos we’ve been providing high quality translation services to businesses and professionals for more than 15 years.

We offer a personal service and working relationships & go to great lengths to familiarise ourselves with your product and/or service. Our work philosophy means we act as your partner giving 110%.
Basically, we leave nothing to chance, no job is too big or too small and we always adapt to the nature and scope of individual projects.

Representation of foreign companies in Spain

Starting your own business in Spain can be very daunting, and although the situation is very complicated, help is at hand, and it’s important to remember that in times of crisis the market is full of opportunities.

We help with feasibility studies, administrative barriers, office space, legal and accounting services, recruitment and applications for grants and subsidies.

With the right support and advice there are opportunities for new businesses in Spain.

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