The exciting prospect of relocation can be aided by local knowledge relating to your chosen potential
home. Here is a wealth of information which we hope may be invaluable as you take your first steps
towards a sunnier future.

Marinaleda is home to approximately 25 expatriates, some are permanently relocated whilst others use
Marinaleda as a breathing space returning to their properties at various times of the year. Marinaleda
has enviable accessibility to some the most beautiful and historically rich locations in Andalucia,
Cordoba, Seville, Ecija, Estepa and Osuna.

With access to local produce through the outdoor market and local mobile sellers Marinaleda provides
culinary delights galore-a certain envy of Rick Stein! There are 2 main supermarkets within the town
and a variety of additional shops providing everything you could possibly require on the doorstep.
There are 2 bakeries, a fishmonger and butcher, a fruit and vegetable shop, gift shops, post office, a
hardware shop, an agricultural centre and a builders merchant. As with most inland villages local crafts
men can also be found including a Blacksmith, Glazier and Carpenter.

Andalucia is famed for its love of celebrations and the Andalucian calender is filled with all manner of
traditional fiesta when the whole community gather together for the occasion. Marinaleda provides a
wide range of activities for all ages. Pensioners are provided with a lavish annual complimentary meal
and gift and the community as a whole is bestowed with the same culinary compliment at the New
Years Eve celebrations. The mayor also encourages community unity during the Candelaria celebrations
when free food and beverages are delivered to those holding community bonfires. The beach can be
enjoyed by all during the summer months as the town provides excursions to the coast through the
summer months at the cost of just 10 euros per person.

Marinaleda has both a primary and secondary school. The younger generations are also provided with
ample activities throughout the year and during the school holidays. Sport is high on the list of
extracurricular activities in the region and the outdoor pool provides access to the joys of a summer
dip. For those wishing to develop their language skills a language school is provided at no cost which
also provides a social aspect to life within the village through regular excursions throughout the year.
The utilities market is now open with a variety of providers offering varying services and price
structures. Gas is bottled and at the cost of approximately 15 euros per bottle it is particularly cost
effective. Water costs within the village are approximately 20 euros per fortnight. Road tax again
appears to vary though at approximately 50- 70 euros (2011) it is considerably lower than the UK. For
car repairs the village has mechanics and a friendly petrol station provides competitively priced fuel.
The yearly ITV (MOT) is approximately 50 Euros (2011) with a free first retest within a set timescale if required.

As in the UK it is advisable to shop around for car and property insurance, though
something to bear in mind for budgeting purposes is that payments tend not to be monthly. Some
insurance companies offer a trimesteral payment option but on the whole fees are required in full in advance.
Refuge collection within Marinaleda is from the doorstep on a daily basis including holidays, the cost
for this service is approximately 14 euros on a trimestral basis. The Spanish Council Tax equivalent
(IBI Urbana) is approximately 40-70 euros per year dependant upon property size.

Marinaleda has an enviable free Internet service the costs for installation are a one off payment of
approximately 150 euros. This provides a totally free Internet service within the village.
There can never be too much information where relocation or property purchase overseas is
concerned. We hope you find this summary informative.

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