About Arboretum Marbella

Arboretum Marbella is a charity which is creating a ‘people’s forest’ made up entirely of trees planted by the local community. At the heart of the project is Alejandro Orioli, Director of Arboretum and he is devoted to making use of a deserted scrub land area and turning it into a beautiful nature reserve. This is a fantastic way of restoring the lost woodlands of the area, and conserving the native species of trees and plants in Andalucía, while creating a lovely public green area for residents and visitors of Spain.

This forest is being planted using the concept of permaculture and will be sustainable and organic, made up of native species to the region of Malaga including trees, shrubs, grasses and vines. It will also play an important role in protecting some of the endangered species such as the Andalusian Cork Oak. As well as creating a beautiful public park on deserted scrub land, an important part of the project is to educate people on the environment, trees and sustainable land management.

There are a number of goals for Arboretum:

1. To create a green space in Marbella which will benefit the environment, promote citizenship and boost tourism.
2. To educate the local population about the environment through workshops, classes and regular open days where kids and adults can get involved whilst learning all about trees, the environment and sustainable land management.
3. Preserve local species by having 131 native species planted in this area
4. Generate green jobs by training the unemployed to become skilled in this area
5. Add another dimension to the tourist offering of Marbella by adding this ecological park and promoting eco tourism abroad
6. Educate the community about organic food and enjoying seasonal, native produce

The charity runs a variety of fun family events during the year to educate and encourage people of all ages to take care of their local environment and learn how to protect nature.

Getting involved

Arboretum, the “People’s Forest” is created by and for the people of the Costa del Sol. In order to make it a reality they need your help. You can get involved in the following ways:
Senior member: If you want to be a senior member, you can contribute 5€ per month and after the payment of the first 12 monthly payments you will have your own tree!
Family member: If you want all your family to become members of Arboretum, you can do it for only 10 € a month. After the first 12 monthly payments you will have 2 trees, and a free annual subscription to a magazine all about the environment
Give the gift of a tree: For 60€ you can give the gift of a tree for that special someone. The tree will be planted in Arboretum Marbella “The Forest for the People” and registered under the name you indicate. The person gifted by e-mail will receive a certificate of ownership in which we will indicate the exact location of your tree (using GPS) and the species to which it belongs.
Become a volunteer: all you need to bring is a little time and positive energy and you can help out around Arboretum and make a real difference

More information about Arboretum and forms to sign up to support the charity can be found on the Arboretum Website.