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was formed in February 2013 by Steve Mitchell & Adam Simmons to provide a non profit-making forum where business owners and managers could get together to discuss business issues, provide solutions to problems that any members may have and above all to provide a business networking framework. This approach stems from their membership of the Marina Alta Business Club when they were living on the Peninsula.

The aims of the club are to encourage networking, helping businesses to identify best practice, areas for cross-selling and how local businesses can work together. Indeed, the Club has already provided assistance to one member in its short existence and this help has been gratefully received. However, please bear in mind that developing networking takes time and it can take several months and a good deal of effort to benefit from what the group has to offer.

We are also definitely NOT a referrals or selling group. Of course, if you have great experiences (or bad, for that matter) to share, then we would be interested to hear them. If somebody in the Club wishes to buy your product or use your services, that is fine and indeed is one of the objectives of the Club. But if you just come to one meeting and hope to sell, you will be bitterly disappointed!

We meet on the second Monday of each month at Highlander Too in Puerto del Carmen to network and for discussion of topics of interest to members. Of course, no meeting would be complete without a social element and we always make sure that we have time for that too.

We believe that where businesses work together, they can achieve more.

Please visit the LABC website for more details

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