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Valencia v Granada
Valencia v Granada

Day 91

So that’s it. All done ……or not quite. In fact, my major impression is just how little of Spain that I eventually got to see. In reality, I covered the Costa del Sol, the Costa Blanca and the Levante. I touched on Catalonia and visited less than half the islands. I missed Madrid and the cities of the interior as well as the whole of the north coast and the camino routes to Santiago de Compostela. So, that’s the bad news but, of course, the good news is that there is much more to see next time round. I am thinking of doing a second tour this autumn. Please watch this space! It is invidious to pick out anybody for special praise as everybody supported me in their way. Thanks, everybody. I hope your writings may encourage others to visit your town “in real life” at some stage soon.

I enjoyed stays at some great hotels (especially La Residencia – must get back soon) and apartments (thanks, Globexs) and I met some great hosts. Although, I did not “stay” there I am impressed with La Colina Club, in Calpe. I also met some fascinating locals – people who are keen to give and not take. The guys at Pickup Valencia showed a passion for teaching Spanish that I won’t forget and, of course, Tina Irving’s North meets South is a project that I am now following with great interest.

Isla Marina, Alicante
Isla Marina, Alicante

I loved going back to favourite towns like Fuengirola, Torrevieja and Benidorm and getting to know other cities better. I think Dave Bull proved more than anybody over my 30 years of visits that Alicante really is an overlooked city. Alicante – more than an airport! I have being saying that about Málaga for many years but Alicante is now on my “get to know like a local” list. Thanks, Dave.


Keith Nicol knows every nook and cranny of Torrevieja and it was good to be back there to see how it has changed in the last six years since I left the town. I lived there from 2001-2008 (“the boom years”, “the golden years”, as they were often called then. Much has changed….all for the better, I would add.

Page Sponsored by Coys Rent-A-Car
Page Sponsored by Coys Rent-A-Car

As I say, it is invidious to thank any one person or group of people but I would like to particularly thank Sandra Piddock from the Facebook group, Writers on Spain who was a constant encouragement and who introduced me to several new contributors. The second lady to support me was Alison Meehan from Costa Women who not only wrote about her own beloved Fuengirola but gained the group support of her ladies. Much appreciated, Ali and Sandra. Pete Clark from Hot Costa kept the websites running smoothly. Thanks! Obviously, without the car from Coys Cars none of this project would have been possible. So, thanks again to Coys, your only choice for rental cars on the Costa Blanca.

Where next? Obviously, I continue to develop my baby, and strengthen to the two smaller sites, and If you have content for any of these sites, please do not hesitate to forward it and I will be pleased to upload it. In real life, I continue to discover Spain and my plans for the next six months include more trips to Fuengirola, Torrevieja, Benidorm and Gran Canaria. I am also keen to complete a camino.

Wherever I see you, I hope I see you soon.

Thanks again


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