Allan Day

Ok folks here is the run down – Due to my life being saved by Cruz Roja (Red Cross) & helicopter personnel & hospital staff in Lanzarote & Gran Canaria in 2011, I decided to give back to the Red Cross the only way I knew and that was to make a CD in celebration of the continuation of my life with my wife.

I have financed the project myself which included learning to sing again, studio time, copyright licence and manufacturing and streaming licences and duplication which has all cost me approx £1500. This is my donation to Cruz Roja and I don’t want the money back from donations. I am still recovering but now have been advised that it’s all down to self management now. It’s been a hard road for Elaine and I and continues to be unfortunately but that’s a longer story.

I have a licence to duplicate 250 CDs before October this year as the licence only is valid for 12 months. I had 44 pledgers before I took this on and hoped for £10 per disc giving Cruz Roja at least £440 with the prospect of duplicating a further 200 with a target of £2500 which I will hand over personally when raised. Unfortunately only a fraction has been raised so far and I thank with all my heart the people who have donated. As an extra I shall be paying postage and if 10e is donated abroad I will add the difference so it’s actually £10 per cd. This is my last message asking for folk to buy my CD which I am proud to have been healthy enough to make. You can pay me or Elaine or by Paypal here and I will keep a list of pledgers and amount frequently updated on Facebook. MP3s are available for donators also and can be emailed directly to you once payment is received on Paypal

Private message me or email me your name and address and donation and how you will pay and I will get the cd to you. Please donate as your cash may save other folks lives.

Thanks again