Quirón Hospital, pioneer in Europe for spine ailments
By Keith Nicol

TORREVIEJA’S PRIVATE medical centre, Quirón Hospital, formerly St. Jaime, has been awarded the status of a Pioneer Centre for Europe in all matters relating to back problems. This is part of an International project with the American firm ‘SpineMark’ who operate the first global network of centres of excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of back aliments.

They have a special Team Column Unit who cover all specialties related to the spine and bone structure, muscles and nerves and have extensive experience in managing the pathology of neck, back and lumbar, adopting a working methodology aimed at obtaining the best results in the least invasive way. The unit has two differentiating services, which are: 24-hour Emergency and High Resolution Consultation. In 24-hour Emergency, first attention is paid to those cases that cannot wait and will be subsequently referred to the Team Column Unit while the High Resolution Consultation allows, in almost all cases, the patient to go back home with all diagnostic tests performed in just a single day.
The main risk factors that cause back injuries are being overweight, poor healthy posture, stress, sports, sedentary or heavy lifting, both at home and at work, which often causes injuries and results in many lost hours through sick leave. In fact, back pain is a leading cause of permanent disability and temporary disability in Spain.

According to Dr. Lozano, Head of Orthopaedics and Trauma Column Unit, “spine pathology is the leading cause of musculoskeletal disease. It is estimated that 90% of adults experience back pain at some time in their life. Of these, we can find a solution to the problem in between 80 to 90 percent of cases with a non-invasive treatment. However, despite the frequency, this is a highly complex disease.”

To treat major diseases such as lumbago back, cervical disc hernia and lumbar scoliosis, deformities, spinal stenosis and osteoporotic pathology, among others, the column unit at Quirón Hospital perform surgical treatments in lumbar surgery, neck surgery, idiopathic scoliosis surgery, endoscopic surgery, percutaneous surgery, surgical oncology, pain therapy, physiotherapy and rehabilitation and psychological support when necessary.

All the care process is performed by SpineMark, an international leader in research, diagnosis and treatment of spine pathology. SpineMark is renowned for the creation of a universal standard in spinal care for which it funds and keeps open various research programs and clinical trials, which also are involving the column unit at Quirón Hospital. With this alliance, Quirón Hospital Torrevieja confirms its commitment to the health care model implemented throughout the group, which always has the patient as its main purpose and focus and is based on having the most qualified professionals on staff to offer exceptional care to patients and their environment.